The #WT20 Brands battle on Twitter Turf

Aishwaria Sonavane
New Update
It’s the season for eat-sleep-cricket-repeat for the fanatics of the country exhibiting soaring enthusiasm this ICC T20 World Cup. It’s no secret that the game of cricket has moved afar from cheering and hooting in stands at the stadium to tweeting and posting through the screens for the world to see.

Cricket going beyond stadiums

They once rightly said, “You are what you share”, social media is a mirror which has managed to surface your reflection and put across this image to the world. We have taken over social media just by our finger tips, or is it the other way round? One wouldn’t know, but we know for sure that social media is a world in its own where topics from photos to politics, sports to shoes, food to festivities and more is discussed and then over-discussed.

With the ongoing season of stumps, it is no surprise that it’ll find its shelter within social media. Cricket has crawled its way to the trends of Twitter irrespective to the teams playing, right from Kohli’s 50 to England’s chase grabbed massive attention in the social media space.

Indians follow a ritual of sticking to the screens during any match, it may not be possible for all to be a part of it, but social media platforms allowed netizens to share the joy, express opinions and more. This medium has allowed for people to have pre-match, match and post-match moments.

Brands leveraging on theme based campaigns on social media

Social media is no alien territory for brands now who have more of less outshined the trends of the social sphere, acing the art and providing us with treats concealed as campaigns, tweets, gifs and more. The story of releasing theme based campaign is common, but the campaign with a better story takes away the cake. Akin to religion, cricket has snuggled a long-term sweet spot in the heart of Indians and brands like any other festival are benefitting through this craze.

Brands, despite their differing roles in the market are guided by imagination and taking control of the theme thus flourishing them in the virtual world, where the battle of the brands is always on a rise.

#FeelLoveUseHate by Adidas, #PepsiChallenge Crash the Pepsi IPL, Mahindra Club luxury resorts, Flipkart’s #FlipkartGIFCricket and many more have released campaigns over the period suiting the trend. Though these brands belong to different genre they managed to find familiarity in under theme thus reaching to the emotions of the people.

Track the Social Media Action

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