Animal Planet's content based campaign sets example

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Animal Planet's content based campaign sets example


Animal Planet India



Scheduling our lives around a match is an absolute norm during every cricket season in this country. With every clock tuned to match timings, Animal Planet attempted to tap on the ICC T20 World Cup trend.


With the aim to engage with the billions of cricket frenzy fans throughout the country and hop on to the T20 World Cup bandwagon, Animal Planet initiated a Twitter based campaign.


Animal Planet an edutaiment channel backed solely by creativity flourished a campaign in the social media sphere. The brand came up with a campaign which maintained a blend of their image and tonality at the same time became a part of their cricket conversation.

With India entering in the semi final of the World Cup T20 against West Indies, they decided to come up with an innovative and entertaining engagement activity for the Animal Planet India’s twitter handle. The insight was based on the fact that people take pleasure in tweeting every ball during the game. Focusing on this aspect the brand came up with the idea of live tweeting the semi-final match between India and West Indies.

As the brand shares no connection with cricket, they decided to create adorable animal characters through illustration and GIFs, who commented during the live match. Key points of the celebration were filtered and noted thus turning them into tweets.

At the same time, these illustrated Gifs were created in real time for extraordinary occasions such as six, boundary, Virat Kohli’s half century, brilliant catches, Kohli-Dhoni massive partnership or even Chris Gayle’s wicket.

Given the high real time usage of the medium, the campaign was held exclusively on Twitter where these posts were tweeted along with other tweets and engagement with the content was encouraged.


The campaign received impressions more than 2.1 million, with their engagement rate increasing more than 150% during the match. Animal Planet also gained more than 300 followers in just 3 hours of the match. The brand also trended on twitter during the match.

Without any announcement, contest or gratifications the campaign managed to stand out amidst the cricket campaigns' clutter.

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