eBay’s #GameOfTwists turns followers into GoT’s storytellers

A series single handedly capable of making you sit on the edge of your seat, leave you with the maximum ‘oh my God’ moments, and turn you all jittery – no points for guessing this. Game of Thrones, currently the talk of the social media town has found itself being absorbed by the online retail brand eBay.

eBay the online retail brand, grasped on to ubiquitous fixation for the show and molded the theme which fits the puzzles lucidly with their brand.

The Game of eBay

Digital media is dominated with brands who serve their diversely flavored campaigns on the platter for their audience to simply binge on, but then there are brands who believe in making their viewers wonder. eBay falls in this category with their new campaign, which is built on the notion of ‘What if.’

Leaping on to the plot and trying to make connect with the high fantasy series of Game of Thrones, eBay transforms the plot to suit the brand.

The entire campaign was illustrated using only creatives built on picking pivotal moments from the plots and backing on personalities and storylines. The brand executed a campaign on the foundation of imaginary scenarios of the scenes where the plot would have altered differently if the characters had access to online shopping portal eBay.

The world of super fantasy mingled with the presence of ordinary products available on eBay as the primary zest of the campaign to engage with the massive fan club of the series.

As evocative and undeviating it could get, the campaign was run under the hashtag #GameOfTwists, both suggestive to the storyline and the campaign drawing ultimate similar relation between the two, but again keeping the brand identity on the back seat.

The campaign ran a contest which pinched the fans to be imaginative and give a visual proof of their witty sense of humor through commenting on the various scenarios the brand put forward for them to answer.

In a way, the campaign gave the liberty or more like a short-term pleasure for the fans to become story-tellers of their adored drama-fantasy series thus making it highly interactive similarly creating a detailed brand connect.

eBay takes the throne?

Dissecting the campaigns into various aspects, the campaign was built on creativity and highly focused on interaction making utmost utilization of social media and juicing out its interactive feature. Simple yet interesting, the rare combination was cracked quite well by the brand.

Creatives were pleasing to the eyes, animated but not flashy and absolutely easy to decipher which was a thumbs up as it was the only substance of the entire campaign.

Thematic campaigns are a norm on the digital media, though eBay falls in the category of creativity it failed to strike a chord with exclusivity, as brands like Practo and Mother Dairy have already leveraged on the popularity and reach of this series through their campaigns thus making eBay a part of the clan.

Social media is a greedy platform always wanting for more, this is where the brand failed to provide more to its audience by merely leaning on to creatives for the entire campaign with the absence of videos, GIFs or anything more.

Social media game

Netizens were humble to the campaign, as the creatives received decent traction from the fans, thus providing social media fame to the brand. All the illustrations received over 5k reactions and a massive interaction was witnessed through the comments section as fans discuss, debated and dialogued about the ‘what ifs’ of Game of Thrones..

The brand failed to beautify their entire handle around the theme which did not work in their favor as the brand did not look as dedicated towards their campaign.

To sum it all up, the entire campaign stood above average managing to make a decent brand presence and created an impact on the users which was a win for the brand.