[Event] 7 reasons to attend Click Asia Summit 2016

Companies either adapt or they don’t. And to what extent do C-Suite marshals’ change determines their competitiveness and position for longer-term relevance and success.

Staying relevant in the digital space is a race. Between time, material and knowledge. Click Asia Summit 2016, one in cohort with marketers, is giving you 7 reasons on how to stay ahead of the race.

  1. “Real” content curation

Speakers from HubSpot, Ogilvy & Mather, Google, Flipkart, Meltwater, Microsoft, Thomas Cook, Kotak, JWT, Forbes, Titan, Myntra, Saavn, Seedfund, Taboola, Event2Mobile, Omnicom and so on. 55+ speakers will share insights, hacks and ideas that will help brands and enterprises develop their playbooks. Agenda topics are …

  • Transformation Thinking in Multi-platform Design
  • Awesome Marketing, or Just Data? MarTech 101
  • Big data is Just Data: Analytics & Everything Around It
  • Enterprise Social Media: Adaptations, Hacks and Case Studies
  • Consumer Journey: Insights & Hacks
  • Why Suits Can’t Market to Jeans
  • Ecommerce: Product, Service or Just BS?
  • Why Brands Are Still ****ing with Content
  • Big Brand Transformation: War Stories
  • Transform or Die
  • Growing Digital DNAs in Organizations
  • Big data, Cloud, Social: Fear & Awe?
  • Mobile Moments
  • Deep, Very Deep Dive into Insights Behind Content
  • What’s Streaming Got to Do With Transformation?
  • Quality: Digital’s Neglected Child
  • Digital Marketing Playbook for Brands and Enterprises
  • Public Sector Digital Transformation

To lead the conversation, the opening keynote and closing panel will be by Robert Scoble.  The Economist says, ‘Robert Scoble, known in the blogosphere as “the Scobleizer”, is a phenomenon … his example might mark the beginning of the end of “corporate communications” as we know it.’

His recent move to UploadVR announced just before SXSW 2016 where he was completely focused on cutting edge futuristic technology, shows ”mixed reality” will be the next stop in the digital race.

  1. Evolving conference format Panel sessions tend to be unstructured, whereas the onus of carrying a full forty minute speaking session lies heavily on PowerPoints rather than speakers.

Click Asia Summit 2016 session runs for an hour and above each, with three speakers delivering a twenty minute TED-style, learning story to the audience on a specific topic and is followed by an open discussion with the audience. A hybrid model which has structure, learning & sharing objectives and an ability to deep dive into the topic.  CAS16’s agenda includes:

  • 4 keynotes, and a keynote panel
  • 18 innovative TED-style learning sessions, and
  • 6 workshops with extensively selected speakers as well as an
  • Unconference, networking & a comedy evening

All focused on digital marketing & transformation.

Lowest sponsored: non-sponsored sessions: Curation comes at a cost. Of time to look through a few hundred speaker applications. To reach out to domain experts as the only way to curate relevant content. It also comes from limiting sponsorships so that there are no sales pitches but just contextual content.

  1. No Free Pass
    As a niche conference, we do not give out any free passes (sorry, guys). It’s also worth noting that the higher the designation of a person, the more niche conferences he’s interested in.

7 reasons to attend cas16

4. Time = money = learning

With more than 55 top-tier speakers on digital transformation, Click Asia Summit 2016 is an event for brands looking at developing their digital roadmap for the next few years and learn how they can spend better.

Two full days of focused learning, hands-on workshops, and high-octane networking.
Networking is supported by the cutting-edge mobile app Event2Mobile, which allows delegates to connect with other delegates in a dedicated networking lounge as well.

  1. Proven path of effective events

Born in 2010, the Click Asia brand was designed to bring together relevant content in a conference format. In 2016, Click Asia will also bring across various online formats of learning and interaction amongst the digital community.

Learning by practice, from the experience of others, evaluating data points and in-depth analysis of innovative product information, along with details of how to tackle legacy marketing issues are some of the points that Click Asia Summit 2016 plans to address.

In other words, we know what we’re doing. It’s “game on, baby”… and we’re playing to win.

  1. No tired and retired content themes

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
~ Wayne Gretzky

Click Asia Summit 2016 is one of the most targeted digital transformation & marketing related events in India. The conference content is curated for learning and developing new strategies, as well as finding products that can form part of each organization’s digital marketing playbook. Our focus is on what will work today and in the future, not on what has worked in the past.

You’ll love the amazing takeaways, the powerful workshops you can’t afford to miss, and groundbreaking insights you won’t find anywhere else from the world’s most heard and loved speakers, all packed into 2 exciting days in April, 2016.

  1. Independently produced and proudly presented by passionate digital nomads

The team behind Click Asia are digital marketers and event junkies with extensive experience on event formats, content curation and digital marketing. Session formats have evolved with first-hand experience at some of the world’s best events. Similar events of this nature are typically 5-7x as expensive, and this event gets national accolades as having the best ROI in the digital marketing education event space.

You either compete at new levels and standards or you compete based on legacy methodologies. It’s time for executives, whether CMOs, CDOs, CIOs or a combination thereof to accelerate digital transformation efforts.
~ Brian Solis (author of X: Where Business Meets Design) in Forbes CMO Network

Find out more about #CAS16 at clickasiasummit.com.