Fastrack plays Never Have I Ever on social media

A 20 something is no alien to a round of ‘Never Have I Ever’, a clichéd drinking game that has evolved to become the darling of every party. Flashing utmost quirk with their recent sassy campaign in the world of digital is Fastrack.

The brand wants you to be a good kid, or a not-so-good kid through its series of short animated clips thrown on their social media handles.

 Never have a ‘Never Have I Ever’

Almost like prepping you for the game, darting towards the hip, contemporary generation of brazen brats the brand broke the campaign digitally.

Releasing a series of animated eccentric clips filled their social media pages producing an interactive campaign.

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Posted by Fastrack on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Posted by Fastrack on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baiting through titles of typical societal and emotional concerns like being a wise person, recycling, sharing, being a good friend, saving the environment or water and more, the brand released a series of videos which were spiced up with sexual innuendos of wit, slang and slapstick.

Fastrack branched a micro-site through their social media handles. The micro-site, eye-grabbing yet classic displayed powerful animations which urged two-way communication. The user once introduced to the innocent title was in for a cheeky surprise and had to pick the real zest which was wrapped up within a witty word play through choosing one of the two standard options, later enabling them to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

To personify, Fastrack building up its bad boy image with a kinky campaign wanted to spread a message to the Y generation that ‘Never have, Never Have I Ever’. To decipher, the brand did not raise any third world problems in fact urged them to be bold, out going and a little wild.

Hashtag culture

We know the perfect marriage of hashtags and social media and brands are producing wonders out of this matrimony.

Fastrack still staying in the hashtag race managed to flesh out substance that matters. Through this campaign, the brand unlike the rest did not solely lean on a single hashtag but used absolutely uncomplicated and supremely common hashtags for every video like #Recycle, #HelpAStranger, #GetFit, #SaveWater and more.

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Posted by Fastrack on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Social Media scene

The campaign garnered over 1.5k to 2k views on their Facebook pages and the interactive Microsite also garnered high in numbers for every video.

The comments and reaction section of Facebook is a proof that the campaign has ticked the right boxes.

Catching up with the trend, the campaign could have produced GIFs or fascinating creatives around the campaign making it further rigid in the eyes of the viewers with its presence.

Up shot

The campaign aimed at asserting a personality to the brand of being the face of today’s liberal youth. Without introducing or mentioning any of their products, the brand created a persona for itself and produced a campaign that will stick with the audience for long thus developing a brand identity. It was also in sync with Fastrack’s brand voice which is feisty and kinky.

The campaign restricted itself from bragging about the brand products, shoving a celebrity face in our faces or putting across a simple video, that is what made the campaign stand out from the cluster.

Interactive campaigns are growing in the socialverse thus gaining popularity.

To sum it up, a bold campaign aiming at a certain target group aced it on social media going apart from the melodrama.