Fevicol releases follow up video for Govinda ad to crack viral marketing code

Saloni Surti
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The not so new kid in the town - content marketing - has managed to keep everyone on their toes. When not dealing with the how to’s of the concept, brands are often grappling to create substantial reach for the content they created after investing sweat and blood.

Fevicol, with its new video,has managed to carve out a fresh route addressing all the woes of viral content marketing.

">The adhesive brand has always managed to steal hearts with their smart take on grounded Indian situations through their commercials. Same was the case with its Govinda advertisement that showed kanhaiyas building a strong human pyramid and then going from matki to matki, without any fear of collapsing. Of course, they were literally stuck together in the process – thanks to Fevicol.

Creating a difference

Releasing television commercials on YouTube and brand’s social media channels is more or less a norm now. Thus, amidst numerous brand ads, here was Fevicol TVC claiming its fair share of viewership.

Nonetheless, the concept was larger than life and deserved a bang on digital medium. Enter, the ‘Making Video’.


Fevicol released a video that shows the making on the Govinda ad. The two minute 30 seconds video gives a view of the real world behind the reels. It successfully captures the essence of the campaign while narrating exactly the many efforts that were put in, in making commercial for a brand that is known for its TVCs.

The video further has inputs from advertising maverick and the brain behind the commercial – Piyush Pandey and Bharat Puri, Managing Director of Pidilite Industries. The audience get to experience the making of a legendary commercial with versus from the horse’s mouth itself.

“The moment you mention Fevicol, audiences start thinking of advertising,” shared Pandey.

The video holds all the elements required to create a campaign that holds the potential of going viral –behind the scenes dope, upbeat narrative by the masterminds, and a blast of colours.

The campaign also managed to increase the shelf life of a topical video which usually dies out as soon as the event has passed.

All in all the video communicates all the fun, efforts, creativity, conviction, and colours involved in creating a winning campaign.

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