LifeCell organically reaches to over a million to be parents through Facebook




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LifeCell, the country’s first stem cell bank managed to hit the milestone of organically reaching a massive number of people; with everyone complaining about the decline in Facebook Post Reach, the brand reached organically to a massive 1.3 million.


The goal was to build a community who can become their Brand Ambassadors, along with reaching a massive number without saving a single penny on advertisements.


They believed that a Facebook Page for a brand is essentially a Community for the brand and it became very crucial to define the community that you want for the brand on Facebook. The bran followed the most basic steps and hit the milestone.

Foremost, the concentrated on building a focused community as for LifeCell they were all ears on building a community of their existing customers, rather than centering their attention on the prospects.

Following that, they built a relevant and engaging content strategy, as after defining the community the content strategy became absolutely straight forward. They produced the content which aided the parents, that is the customers of the brand to re-live their parenting experiences.

Their content strategy included mom-baby centric posts that blossom the feeling of motherhood and bonding. They also added a personal touch by teasing their fans with baby-parent resemblance thus urging them to share their family pictures.

Everyday is a new milestone when you become a mother. You learn, understand and experience every change along with your…

Posted by LifeCell on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Fans on the page were shown images and had to come up with witty captions to enhance engagement. Along with a personal touch, the blog post of the brand gave detailed information about the recent updates in the field of stemcell banking, thus spreading a message.

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Posted by LifeCell on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Being a Mother makes you truly understand and appreciate the love of your own Mother. #LifeCellMom

Posted by LifeCell on Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The entire process was definitely not an overnight achievement, but an effort of over 3 years put together managed to build and engage with their consumers.


In the last week of November 2015, on some Facebook posts the campaign organically reached 319330 on one and 92303 people on the other (campaign). A total of 6109 likes, shares, and post clicks were received on one post while on the other post the engagement was by 478 users.

In the third week of March 2016, one post received an organic reach of 348217 with a total engagement of 99,525 while the posts for daddies to be, organically reached 24646 and an engagement of 807.

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The campaign reached out to the right target audience with a solid content strategy and consistent push.