#NothingDirty: Banking on celebrity quotient new social media trend?

Aishwaria Sonavane
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#NothingDirty: Banking on celebrity quotient new social media trend?
Blending good music with anything, more than often ends up with a good result. Contemplating on that thought, home appliances brand Hitachi bought to life a campaign colliding with Bollywood rapper Badshah.   Attempting to add a real component to a reel film, these 4 minutes 40 seconds video is a cool anthem titled ‘Cool It Down’ representing the brand.

Hitachi chants cool it down this season

This long format film differs and stands apart from the customary campaigns, as it showcases the building of an anthem from scratch. The rapper who claims to spin any given lyrics into a foot tapping song, through this film does stand by his words as he constructs an anthem seeding from baloney lyrics written by a wannabe singer, lyricists and even a composer.

The film shows VJ Bani playing her own self-introducing rapper King Badshah who begins to prepare the anthem and the story flows further. Attempting to keep the flow of the film natural, it captures the entire journey of the song fabrication with Badshah.

Throughout, it obviously points out to the product they wished to market through the film, as the brand’s air conditioner was mentioned subtly more than once throughout the film. The campaign not only scoops out the well-known nature of both the artists but through the coolest anthem as they claim are suggestive to the product.

Through an absolutely catchy, cheery song or with a typical Badshah genre the campaign #NothingDirty creates an identity of itself and more of their brand product. As it mentions about the product and its features of cleaning itself more than once slipping it simply in the film.

Badshah saying he likes it clean towards the end of the video is a direct suggestion towards the new feature of the air conditioner.

Did the campaign keep it clean?

Making their anthem an identity with the brand and product, the groovy campaign was released to build an instant connection with the audience using music as a medium. Apart from captivating music, the campaign made King Badshah the face of their brand, who already has a decent set of fans in the country thus gaining organic attention.

The campaign is timed well, keeping in mind the raging summer and approaching wedding season.  So the brand managed to cover various aspects within just over 4 minutes.

Social media activity

The campaign exclusively ran on one heavy weighed video which touched upon various themes along with having a famous face behind it. The anthem video garnered over 996k view on Facebook and an active engagement with over 48k reactions 4,994 shares.

The campaign was not backed with GIFs, creatives or further illustrations but one video was mighty enough to pull the entire campaign on its back all by itself.

Increasing importance of Celebrity Quotient

Recently, Hyundai too released a video featuring Arijit Singh, Clinton Cerejo and the Hyundai Elite i20. Both the campaigns bank high on the celebrity quotient. The same was the case with Gaana.Com's cricket campaign that featured Kailash Kher.

In a sea of content, celebrities seem to be the surest way of garnering certain amount of organic reach.

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