Nutralite’s #Healthgram takes a musical route to create engagement


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Nutralite is a table spread margarine that intended to notify their audience about their product being a nutritious . They also wanted to educate the audience about the product being a healthy alternative to butter and always a better choice.


To create personal conversations with users about health and Nutralite while creating maximum noise on world health day and making it the most talked about brand.

The brand primarily targeted women, between the age of 20 to 45 who are not only conscious about their health, but are also concerned about their loved one’s lifestyle.


One of the biggest health problems today is cholesterol and no one understands this better than the ‘health inspectors’ of every family – women.

What a woman considers advice for the best interest of her loved ones always ends up falling on deaf ears. This Health Day, Nutralite offered to voice the concerns of these women. Or rather sing it.

They made these usually unheard voices, heard right. The health-oriented brand created world’s first #Healthgram, a musical telegram that every woman would like to send out to her loved ones showing her concerns about their rising cholesterol levels and health risks.

Across all their social platforms, they asked their target audience to comment or tweet their concerns to their loved ones using #Healthgram.

Nutralite’s live band took the best entries and crafted their request for their loved ones into customized quirky songs, this activity was done real time. The live band picked up the best entries and sent out a musical #healthgram to them.


The videos got more than 13,000 views. Nutralite trended on no. 1 on the world health day. They also managed to receive over 3.5 crore impressions and more than 3,700 tweets.

Nutralite managed to go beyond the stereotypes associated with health brands by taking a musical turn.