Pepsi Mini Series banks on active storytelling for the launch of new packaging

A galvanising short film set in a quaint mansion with sophisticated music – Pepsi Mini Series sets a 007 ambience subtly creating an urgent thirst for a chilled Pepsi Mini to gulp right now. The miniseries manages to stir away from the cut and dried cold drink campaigns across social platforms.

Introducing Pepsi Mini, the smallest of Pepsi packaging in the country the cold drink giant launched a series of webisodes that narrate the chronicles of Mr. Can, a shrewd person who is looking for an eligible person apart from his heir to take over the empire, God forbidden something happened to him.

The series has launched three episodes so far, each of them picturing Pepsi Mini involved in various tasks that ultimately help Mr. Can pick the right successor. The story progresses with each episode while keeping curiosity alive around who will take on Mr. Can’s throne.

Not an ad

Back in the days when television advertising was all about communication, commercials were the best way to connect. The millennial now however, struggles to keep up with information through various mediums while dealing with an excruciatingly small attention span.

To deal with this issue, Pepsi took up the braded content route. To cater to the age of micro-blogging and mini-celebrities, the brand launched Pepsi Mini Series – for new age consumers that are obsessed with consuming, sharing, talking about webisodes or the latest content on the World Wide Web.

Pepsi’s strategy was to spark conversations by surprising these young Indians with ‘not an ad’ on TV, but entertainment they discover and share online. Using the core idea of Mini Can, Big ‘X’ (the x representing all the big experiences and engagements the consumer has with the little can – depending on where he/she interacts with Pepsi mini), Pepsi created a mini-series exclusive to digital platforms and cinema screens the generation Y flocks to.

A social media success

The snackable content series was received with open arms across social media platforms. On Facebook, the videos have garnered over 7000 likes (collectively) and over 9 lakh views (for all three videos) on YouTube.

Weaving in an active content strategy, Pepsi has managed to blend the video around its core voice for the campaign – little can. Big arrival. The content conveys the message of how the small refreshments can translate any scenario into a spot on moment.

With Pepsi Mini Series, the brand takes ticks all the boxes for storytelling through active content marketing channels.