Social Samosa Agency Feature – Unmarketeers

Who are we?

We are the unmarketeers. We surfaced in 2014 as a marketing agency which wants to flip some rules of advertising. We focused on experiential marketing and digital led activation. The fact that we were a husband-wife duo (Jyotirmay, aka JK, my husband and co-founder comes from a consulting background with stints in ITC, IBM, Corus) meant we had a lot of understanding on where we wanted to take our brand. I worked as a mentor for a while and joined this full time in 2015 after quitting as a business head with the Leo Burnett group. Over time we picked up a lot of great talent. Gaja, our art director has several Abby awards in his kitty for work with J&J, Asian Paints etc. We are backed by a number of ex Leo Burnett corporate heads. Seema Sood who has a 20+ years of PR and activation experience across agencies partners with us in 360 degree BTL + Digital activations.

What’s in the name?

Unmarketeer because we don’t think like traditional marketers. Unmarketeer because we think whacky idea first and medium second. Unmarketeer because we don’t like being put in boxes – social media agency, ATL agency, BTL agency etc. We are a set of creative folks who want to bring your brand to life in the most interesting, eye-catching way.

What we do?

Our key forte is experiential marketing. So interactive campaigns with both on ground + digital/ social legs. We round this up with an influencer/ blogger led activation. We work with a wide set of influencers across the country. We also focus very strongly on content marketing. We specialize in a wide variety of content production – videos, podcasts, images, researched content like blogs, whitepapers, infographics, animations.

Why we do it?

We thought there is still a space for an integration player who bridges the classic gaps between ATL and digital, between PR and social. Through an integrated network we are able to give end to end communication and creative solutions to brands.

How we evolve?

We have invested in two side bets – mobile led products like Augmented Reality, Mobile Magazines and 2. On building a full-fledged influencer marketing platform. We have started our second tech focused startup NumeroSeven in the meanwhile where we are working on mobile led products which can help brands bring in a lot of tech led innovation in their marketing and commerce strategies

Social responsibility in social media

I think honesty is the key. Even in our influencer marketing program we are pruning out people whose profiles are not clean or have done dubious campaigns. I think as an agency you need to be honest with your brand on what is possible and that things like artificial spikes in numbers don’t work in the long run.

Need of the hour

Stop this anti-culture of abuse and trolling and shaming on social media. Block trolls. Report abuse. Your silence is only encouraging them to grow.

We learned the hard way

That in India payments can be tricky. Ethics too. Some people take your pitch decks and get your ideas implemented by cheaper agencies. That can really hurt.

Did we just share that?

But Facebook, Twitter are free no? From people who just do not get digital media spend.

They work with us

We have had a varied clientele. We worked with Emami, Videocon, TCS, IIMC, SP Jain, Tantuja. We have also worked with a number of start-ups – Sheroes, IT Exchange, A2Z,Lending Kart, Indibeat. We have recently started working with celebrities and individuals in building up their social PR. We are working with a number of authors and artists – a current project is with Ashleyy Sakhrani, a Bangalore based author, life coach and sculptor.

Industry as we foresee

I think it has to get more innovative. We need more clutter-breaking thinking in this space. Else I see a a fatigue coming in next couple of years

A day without Internet

Peaceful? J Well honestly I think it’s hard imagining not being connected now. But I advise people strongly to overcome the #FOMO fear – life’s more peaceful that way. To innovate for the web you have to stay away from it at times.

Lastly, are you hiring?