[Event] When was the last time you did a workshop worth doing?

We learn on the fly; on our screen; when we read articles from experts and when we read shout-outs on social media. When was the last time we went in to learn in real time? With real-world experts?

If ‘it’s been a while since I did that’ – is your response, you can change it on 22nd April 2016. Six experts who are online influencers; digital gurus of some of the largest brands around and experts in their field are coming together to create workshops that will have never-before-shared learning content but also make you think.


A quick snapshot of what’s planned…

  1. The art of winning with Analytics with who else, Google.
  2. Mahesh Murthy needs no introduction. Often known as the Guy Kawasaki of the Indian marketing community, he always brings in fresh perspectives and an honest way of thinking towards marketing. Learn from start-ups, hear him share his confident viewpoint from the inside, and how enterprises can become contextually relevant.
  3. Consumers’ shoes never looked so interesting. Lucy McCabe from Ogilvy will run a workshop that has so far only been run for Ogilvy clients. Well, we did say exclusive content at some point earlier, didn’t we?
  4. So we may be great in tech, but UX tends to be a challenging field to work in. Brandon from HUGE Inc. brings practical know-how on how to create awesome UX that works. Converts. Sells. Well, you get the hint. Once again, this is a workshop being held in India for the first time.
  5. With rapid advancement on Martech, Amura’s workshop on how to do Martech right is just what the doc ordered for brands and enterprises especially in the B2B space. With hands-on practitioners, there is no knowing what new marketing thought will change the way you market.
  6. Disrupt the mindset. Essential if you want to create uniqueness in what you do. Rajeev’s extensive experience at JWT being shared with non-clients once again exclusively at Click Asia Summit.

Of course, the many TED-style sessions at CAS16 are sincere learning elements in digital marketing & disruption. Call us for excellent group offers designed to help you learn. In real time. With real folks. More information is also available at www.clickasiasummit.com.