Anonymous takes over KITKAT’s #mybreak

Over the years, Nestlé KIT KAT has repeatedly urged us to have a break by biting into some generous amount of their KITKAT fingers. The brand recently rolled out a digital film on social media that seemed to have been taken over by an anonymous body, or maybe not?

The film takes a break from clichés

People on YouTube are served KITKAT’s #mybreak airport TVC, which shows a girl fatigued from work, demanding a break. She grabs a KITKAT, performs the ritual and tempts us with the snap of the finger.

As she bites into her KITKAT, the film distorts to another extraordinary scene, where a shady person in a black hood takes up the screen. Sinister and mysterious, this person takes over the control of the video asking people to take a break and also mentioning that these kind of ads in middle are the kind of things which make him say, ‘I need a break’.

Skip or play?

Towards the end of this 30 second video, the man in the hood urges us to skip the video. This is built on the strong insight that YouTube advertisements are often a massive hindrance to content viewing, leading us to the skip button and the absence of which causing further impatience.

KIT KAT’s new digital film titled #myBreak plays around this ubiquitous Netizen video-viewing behaviour by fuelling some zest within by urging users to skip the video.

Befitting the concept of reverse psychology 

The video keeps its content under wraps, making it extremely intriguing thus leaving the users wanting for more. Analogous to the hooded person, the idea of the digital film is also anonymous distancing itself from the wrinkled stereotypes of other chocolate brands.

Keeping their eyes firm on YouTube, the digital ad plays solely on YouTube’s feature of the Skip button. The man in the hood is aware that people have arrived to take a break, so he gives them an opportunity to relish this break without the annoyance and botheration of advertisements.

This new-fangled concept of reverse psychology by the brand, where, instead of showing their ad in the Force View Format, the brand pushes to give viewers a break, helps in strengthening its proposition of Break further.

By insisting people to skip the advertisement in the 30 seconds force view format, the hooded man is doing something in the ‘Interest of a Breaker’.

Take a look at this cool video from the brand that gave us the line ‘Have a Break, Have a KITKAT’.