ASUS introduces Lucky Sharma, inspiring cell users to #LiveUnplugged

Asus #LiveUnplugged

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – says the Murphy’s Law. If you’re late, cabs will be late, boss will reach early, and your cell phone’s battery will die. But, the next time God decides to LOL on your bad day, just remember one thing – there is someone out there, much unluckier than you are.

Enter – Lucky Sharma. B.E. Computer Science by education, a looking for a job! Not to forget his blood group which reads – Unlucky. Unlike his name Lucky Sharma is prone to bad luck all the way, says ASUS.

ASUS started narrating the unlucky tale of Lucky Sharma with a lot of twists, turns, and surprises in stores.

The unlucky tale

Lucky Sharma’s lucky date is February 29th and this leap you presented him the opportunity of a great job interview in Mumbai. As fate may have it Lucky ended up in an uneventful situation, much to the joy of ASUS fans and followers who had the opportunity to win fun prizes and guess what happens next.

The next chapter of the story unfolded with Lucky landing on Mumbai airport and receiving a call from his to be boss. Destiny strikes and the unlucky boy’s cell phone runs out of battery. But for once Lucky has a saviour – ASUS Zenfone.

Lucky runs into Bollywood diva Sonakshi Sinha, who then lends him her Zenfone giving him some time to charge it.

The video manages to convey ASUS Zenfone’s feature of charging other cell phones, helping people #LiveUnplugged.

A story worth telling

ASUS managed to coin a strong campaign basis earthy storytelling dynamics. The brand set the premise for their story on social media by introducing the lead character and his quirks. The characterization in itself was witty and sharp, creating a whole Bad Luck Bryan feel around Lucky Sharma.

The brand further created contextual content depicting various ways in which Lucky Sharma gets bad luck struck every single time. The content was relatable this garnering engagement on the brand’s post.

ASUS’s association with Sonakshi Sinha also works well for the brand as the actress is synonymous to youth with her fiery and bold personality.

With interesting characters, fun story line and apt premise, the campaign sets Zenfone apart in a sea of smartphones.


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