Axis Mutual Fund paves way for millions of dreams with #DoYourHomework

Aishwaria Sonavane
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If they say your palms own your future, shut them down with education, that’s exactly the beauty of it. An embellishment, knowledge through education is the nourishment your life deserves.

Chandresh Kumar Nigam, MD & CEO, Axis Mutual Fund, shared, “We have consistently believed that children’s education & their future is an extremely important goal for parents. And a good plan backed with a good investment vehicle is the only way to fulfill this goal. We also have a huge responsibility to create awareness about the fact that people need to ‘invest’ and not just ‘save’ to address their various goals.”

With this aim, Axis Mutual Fund coined #DoYourHomework, an initiative to create awareness amongst parents on the need to plan for their children’s future.


A movement in itself, #DoYourHomework was laid on the bricks of thorough research. With an aim to understand parents’ perspectives about their children’s future, Axis Mutual Fund with the help of Nielsen, conducted a research across 10 cities covering 1000 parents who have children between the age group of 4 & 12 years.

The results of the research posed various worries that parents face. While 83 per cent of the interviewed parents admitted to be anxious about the financial planning for their child’s education, 77 per cent of them of them listed education expenses as their top concern.


The study articulated that today children have innumerable career options. While the choice is theirs, parents need to support their children. They need to be prepared, both emotionally and financially to fulfill their children’s aspiration or to be ready with their HOMEWORK.

With #DoYourHomework, Axis Mutual Fund tried provoking parents towards taking the first step in terms of finding out if they are on the same page as their children when it comes to their future, further carving out how they can plan their finances to meet their children’s aspirations.


A fascinating experiment was run with a group of parents and their children, where the young ones were asked to illustrate their future aspirations through drawings while the parents were asked to guess and paint what their kids envision to become in the future.

To everyone’s surprise the pictures were contrasting. Children expressed their eagerness to pursue conventional as well as unconventional careers and their parents saw their children pursuing professions different than what the budding minds wished.

The entire activity was captured on video which was released on YouTube with the message

– Children today have innumerable career options. Whatever they choose to become, you (parents) need to be prepared.

Interactive Microsite

Moving away and beyond a typical social media push, the brand enhanced a microsite designed around the campaign, titled, Do Your Homework. This interactive microsite allowed parents to calculate the future cost of education across multiple career options in multiple countries.

The site was built on right insight and offered intricate help, thus, deriving organic reach on the website and the campaign.


Social media buzz

The official handle of Axis Mutual Fund garnered commendable attention with buzz around the campaign; in addition to the video, the BFSI brand shared interesting illustrations that worked like icing on the cake.

The illustrations involved various creatives with parents and their children which suggest the difference in professional opinions and aspirations between the two.

Further, the parents could share their experience (images) through Axis Mutual Fund’s social channels using #DoYourHomework. The campaign manages to stir away from the cut and dried social media initiatives in the mutual fund space.

The video has been watched more than 1M times on YouTube and more than 1.3M times on Facebook & Twitter.

The campaign video received a whopping 1.1M views on Facebook with an active engagement of over 6.8K reactions and over 4k shares.

#DoYourHomework became a national trend on Twitter with the campaign touching millions of Indians across Facebook and YouTube.

*Slow claps*

Backed by thorough research, #DoYourHomework went all out across platforms i.e. digital, experiential, outdoor & print creating a seamlessly integrated campaign. The initiative not only managed to create great brand recall, but also, mass awareness for parents who still refuse to open up to unconventional yet booming careers. #DoYourHomework manages to breathe in fresh air in the BFSI segment.

In a creative way, the BFSI brand managed to attain their objective while opening up thousands of minds and paving paths for millions of shiny dreams.

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