BBlunt shares their #DirtyLittleSecret on social media

Kinkiness has the lucid tendency to always find a sweet spot, making eye balls gaze towards it. Banking on this, BBlunt, hair and beauty salon grouped with a bunch of beauty bloggers to push up a product in the sassiest way possible.

Enticing women with their campaign, BBlunt is giving the ladies a license to do it anywhere they want. If that’s tantalizing for you, wait till we tell you the real deal with this #DirtyLittleSecret.

Dissecting the #DirtyLittleSecret

Creating curiosity with the big reveal of the #DirtyLittleSecret, BBlunt slyly induced people asking them to tweet out interesting places where they would do it. Not so subtle with the sexual innuendos, a campaign was run where top beauty bloggers of the country nakedly gave in their #DirtyLittleSecret, which was put up in fancy creatives.


Soon, the #DirtyLittleSecret was unconcealed through a feisty GIF of urban quintessence, where the brand launched their Dry Shampoo, which is the secret you don’t want to hide.


Releasing a campaign with a song is clearly too mediocre for the brand, which is exactly why they decided to pull up an anthem for their product. Featuring the BBlunt founder and the bloggers a dauntless, contemporary and absolutely chic film was brought to life. Running with appealing tunes and visuals of bloggers with stunning hairstyles showing off some moves, this video directs you to shake, spray and rub the dry shampoo.

The anthem abridges the benefits of using a dry shampoo which is comparatively a developing phenomena in the urban culture. Projecting it to be rapid remedy in this oh-so-busy lifestyle and the social anxiety to look to their utmost elegant at all times, dry shampoo is something every woman aims to grab on.

Behind the anthem

The visuals of the video scream out loud that the beauty experts of the country are behind it. The visuals capture women dressed up in various professions, toggling the tone of the video between classy, vintage and contemporary all enclosed in one. The 1 minute 15-second video has the audio which fixes on the lips, with his catchy tunes.

Bloggers like Miss Malini, Malvika Sitlani, Sonal Sagaraya, Debashree Banerjee, DJ Shanaya, Scherezade Shroff, and more were a part of the video

BBlunt dedicates an entire anthem to a product manages to set the bar high.

The dry shampoo digital buzz

In the digital space, the video garnered over 280k views with 2k reactions a massive 458 shares.

Influencers being the creamy layer of social media platforms, huddling up 15 bloggers for the anthem turned out to be a smart move which worked in favour of the brand.

The concept of dry shampoo bought in a new bling in this fast paced, modern-thirsty society which led social media to go Gaga over it.

To wrap it up, BBlunt induced a fascinating, well planned, and an absolutely sophisticated campaign to introduce a new product putting their brand name on it first in the market.


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