#DontBeASucker says Del Monte this summer

Swiftly swinging in both ways of satire and quirk, Indian rap star Baba Sehgal brought to life yet another digital anthem this season for the exotic brand, Del Monte. Mingling their brand with beats, Del Monte attempted to shine on the social media.

Putting itself up for digital display, Del Monte has always masked itself to be a sophisticated, swanky product thus evidently pushing away from its competitors of local juice brands.


Quit sucking, says Sehgal

Twinning with the classic mindset of the massive chunk, juice is always identified with a straw and a chilled tetra pack. To bring about a transformation in the market and mindset the brand presented the fancies of its product and packaging through an anthem.

#DontBeASucker, the father hashtag of the campaign takes a cheeky dig at these competitive brands still filling juices in tetra packs and redirects the audience towards itself through #CanIt, the supportive hashtag of the campaign

We reside in a country which usually believes in tailing the majority, exactly to hammer this opinion Del Monte hangs on to this wide issue by taking a subtle dig at these suckers (followers).

Through their campaign touches upon the most common topics of typical career choices of engineering, medical or MBA or merely following any (self-proclaimed) Baba and finally shrinking it down to the issue of boring, monotonous drinking habits of people who more than usually pick up a mango or orange juice box.

Claiming to be the bosses of juices

Del Monte through this campaign voices out the benefits of canned juices in comparison to the durable ones to be precisely far more hygienic.

Packing their product in cans, Del Monte emerges to become a classy choice of juice. The campaign also changes the idea of the consumer that only sodas are sold in cans.

Apart from that, the brand through their campaign wants their consumers to acknowledge the juices beyond the good old mango, orange or apple as the brand has to offer absolutely exotic flavours for all seasons.

Though it specifically mentions that the juices are for all seasons, the brand chose summer to release its campaign and familiarise itself with the audience to connect better in this scorching heat where its product might find its hold on the market.

Del Monte Anthem

To steal the show and to twirl heads towards itself, the brand released the anthem of the hashtag #DontBeAsucker by roping in rapper, Baba Sehgal, adding zing to the campaign.

Through this anthem, Sehgal raps his way to tell the viewers to not be a follower using #FollowMatKar, unfollow the herd and get the taste of the unexplored juices. #DontBeASucker is a sardonic dig at those tetra pack juices which the brand claims to be foul, dull, and absolutely out of fashion.

Social media buzz

On the digital platform, Del Monte through its anthem received 59k views on Facebook and 570 positive reactions.

Churning the campaign through catchy hashtags and flashy creatives, it upheld a strong foundation on social media by directly attacking their competitors and portraying them to be on the top when it comes to juices by introducing fancy flavors. Relatable GIFs and basing themselves on an average storyline it presented itself to be superior, classier in the market.

The campaign attracted a massive supportive chunk through its bubbly lyrics and striking rap.  Multiple hashtags like #DontBeASucker, #CanIt, and #FollowMatKar supported the entire campaign through direct dialogue.

Placing itself on an appropriate season on the digital platform, Del Monte curates an optimistic, bold and absolutely easy going campaign.