[Event] A look at 24 ADP, Digital Marketing Conference

In a bid to bring the thriving digital industry under one roof, Pune Digital Marketers organised 24 ADP, Digital Marketing Conference. The event will be a hotbed for discussion with professional from various walks of the industry sharing their views on various issues and concepts.

The 2-day event hosts various speakers who share their 2 bits on topics such as Digital Advertising Strategies, Large Scale Campaigns, and Digital Intellectual Properties. The conference is one of the best ways to connect with like-minded individuals working towards creating healthy industry dynamics.

The sessions take a look at various social media platforms and the challenges and apprehensions association with them. Social media evangelists can you this platform to come forward and share opinions with the best of industry present there.

The conference is designed in a manner to appease the knowledge requirements of social media executives, brands, agencies, freelancers, and the fraternity as a whole.

Take a look at the agenda and figure out the sessions best suited for your profile and growth in this industry.

24 ADP, Digital Marketing Conference is slated for June 04 -05 in Pune. You can register here to be a part of the event.