Hiranandani Developers cracks real estate marketing code on social media


Hiranandani Developers


Amura Marketing Technologies

A campaign by the agency was churned out during the festival of Diwali last year for the real estate company Hiranandani Developers.


The key aim of the entire campaign was to reach the hyper local audience that is the people currently residing in Hiranandani.


A massive campaign in the real estate sector was built utilizing Facebook and Instagram by hyperlocal targeting within the geographical area. The campaign was all ears on brand updates and interactive posts alongside the contest updates to ensure maximum engagement.

To drive target audience participation the campaign was based on #CarnivalOfLights and #DiwaliHiranandani. Both these hashtags were merged keeping the brand and festivity in mind.

To celebrate Diwali, Hiranandani invited their residents to come together under one roof and urged them to share their moments on social media by conducting a digital photography competition and luring them with Starbucks voucher.

The brand released a video which briefly outlined the entire campaign, visually presenting the entire property of Hiranandani Developers and the varied amenities it has to offer to its residents. The video also included inputs from the members of Amura.


#CarnivalofLights and #DiwaliatHiranandani gained tremendous engagement from the customers.  The customer experience through the contest was appreciated leading to overall increase in number of participants on social media pages of Hiranandani.

On Facebook, the campaign reached 7,46,282 users with 81,297 actions while on Instagram is managed to reach 51,277 users with 3799 actions.

To sum it up, the brand received a massive total engagement with 4.5k number of likes increased 41.36k users were talking about it.

The real estate brand managed to create a well-integrated campaign by banking on geo-targeting for a festival based campaign.