Indiabulls Home Loan shows how every daughter is her mother's reflection

Aishwaria Sonavane
New Update
She’s a selfless soul, a mirror of strength and empathy; she’s your healer and your power she’s also known as the mother. Maternity is an expression so complex to put down in words, so instead of explaining we celebrate this feeling. The globe every second Sunday in the month of May celebrates each mother.

To shine on motherhood, Indiabulls Home Loans launched a campaign to be a part of the Mother’s Day celebration on the digital forum.

You are your Mother’s Shadow!

Telling the identical tale of three generations, Indiabulls Home Loans outlined a delicate, innocent story surfacing the role of a modern mother with a simplified message.

The film begins with an innocent little girl playing a casual game of ‘house’ with her grandmother and she decides to play the character of the mother who is independent and working. The film through the little game discovers how in today’s world the chores of home are shared between both the working partners.

As the film slowly shifts to the dining table scene with the entire family having a meal together, the mother and grandmother are shown exchanging some words where they lovingly share that every daughter is a shadow of her mother.

Devoid of heavy emotions or overly dramatic scenes the brand captures the sweet essence of motherhood, concluding the film with ‘Your daughter will be what you made her. As you are what your mother made you’.

The campaign manages to be a part of the Mother’s Day celebration on the digital media through an innocent film simply wishing a Happy Mother’s Day using #MyMotherMadeMe which they say, is every day and we wouldn’t disagree.

The brand has initiated #MyMotherMadeMe on 7th & 8th May to give the audience a complete experience.

Through this film, the brand looks ahead to cherish the body of motherhood and show us how a mother is responsible to mould our life and make us who we are.

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