Instagram gets videos to its carousel ad format

The photo sharing application announced to now bring videos to its Carousel ad format, allowing marketers to choose five videos or a combination of videos and photos that users can swipe through.

This format is an extended wing of Instagram’s already present carousel ads for photos which was revealed to the world last year in March.  Instagram claims their video views to have amplified by 40%. The launch partners for this new feature includes Airbnb, Taco Bell, Hollister, IBM, and W Hotels

Instagram’s latest feature will let advertisers use up to 5 videos and photos combined to produce a grander storytelling experience. The maximum limit for the video length will be 60 seconds per video. Video view metrics will also be enabled per carousel if brands make use of multiple videos within a unit.

Instagram has moved far beyond just a social app now satisfying the needs of advertisers now allowing them to act creatively. Imaginative storytelling and campaigns aid brands to reach potential consumers in various ways.

Instagram recently announced adapting an algorithm for content dissemination. An algorithm and carousel ads combined could be Instagram’s counter move to battle Snapchat’s popular 3V advertising.