LPU urges students to #ThinkBig through social media


Lovely Professional University (LPU)


The brand produced a digital film of 2 mins 45 seconds primarily to reach the eligible students who are looking forward to step into Universities and their parents.


Encapsulating the entire life as a student of Lovely Professional University, a video was boomed on the digital media to put across their personality towards the audience.

The film captured the nostalgic conversation between two friends, one who chooses to attend Lovely Professional University while the other one does not, but how he witnesses his entire growth and lifestyle of his friend through the social media window. The film subtly compares the lifestyle and career prospect between LPU and other Universities.

The film covers the entire contemporary campus with high-end technology labs and outgoing games like Gokart and American football. The film also showcases the grand convocation with the presence of the Dalai Lama.

Through this film, LPU tries to mirror the opportunities post the University life as the student gets three job offers and at the end is on the higher post than his friend who fails to choose LPU.

This digital campaign was promoted through the social media handles of this brand on Facebook and twitter. The trending activity lasted for two days with a different hashtag per day, where #ThinkBig was used on the first day while #CareerChoiceWithLPU was used on the second day.


On the first day of the campaign they reached around 12.2 million with 136.6 million impressions. A total of 12.4k tweets were generated from 6k contributors.

While on the day two the campaign managed to get 2.7 million reach and 47.2 million impressions with a total of 5236 tweets getting generated from 700 contributors.

To get the video viral, the brand engaged 300 Facebook influencers and engaged a total of 50 bloggers of varied genres to write a blog on the topic and publish it on their pages.