P&G tugs at heartstrings with Olympics legacy campaign #ThankYouMom

In the Harry Potter series, author J.K Rowling aptly penned down, “He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark.” Unlike Potter, the mark isn’t always visible on your forehead; but typically an abstract expression of vigor, willpower and valor that stays within you. Toasting gracefully to motherhood, P&G initiated a digital campaign hand in hand with the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Synonymous to strength, motherhood showers subconscious spirit within us and further exploring on this emotion P&G released a digital chunk exhibiting this expression.

Taking a road to Rio through the potency of maternity

A gigantic global sports event being generously coated with the dominant involvement of the mother behind the victory is the zest of the entire film by the brand. The 1 minute 17 seconds long film flawlessly blends nostalgic luster in the film taking us through some powerful episodes of the athlete’s life as a child and its direct manifestation in their today.

An impactful video striking strong emotions immaculately encapsulates some childhood fearsome memories of these athletes and how they manage to find strength from it through their mothers who keep them secured yet determined, not letting them break emotionally back as kids.

Motherhood is an expression boundless of geographies, as it reflects visibly through the videos which have artists from varied parts of the worlds, yet all of them feeling one sentiment.

The film tries to take us through a flashback along with the athletes in their childhood experiencing heart-wrenching memories stringing in back to their present adulthood during the Olympics as they continue to find strength from reminiscences and come out as winners through it. As they video concludes with ‘It takes someone strong, to make us strong.’

Absolutely overwhelming this video portrays heart touching emotions and vividly surfaces the association of the brand with the upcoming Olympics of 2016.

The campaign sheds some light on another aspect of the Olympics touching the personal emotions which drive the athletes to reach their goals.

Audio, video, Olympics

Aesthetically appealing and voicing out powerful emotions within just over a minute makes this campaign an absolute winner

A crisp, well contrasted, easy to decipher and somewhere relatable film with suitable, pumping music takes the cake. Associating with the Olympics on a global level, the film manages to match the standards.

The campaign simply introduces its partnership with the Olympics without promoting its products through the film but, presenting the entire company as one who works for Mothers around the world.

P & G first launched #ThankYouMom in the early part of the decade, since then building a brand recall during every Olympics.

Social media buzz

Rio Olympics being a massive affair, the campaign held higher expectation which were definitely met.

Running under simplistic, expressive hashtag which summarizes the entire motive of the campaign, #ThankYouMom and supported by #Rio2016 garnered massive support and attention via social media. Making it to the Twitter trend charts, the campaign was viewed over a million times, shared 25.7k times, received over 10k reactions with 902 comments simply showcases its success in digits.

The minute-long campaign casted it’s magic on netizens meeting up to the level of a global event of such strata with grace.


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