Pulse tries to work its charm on Twitter with #PulseDhadkneDo

The 14-month old candy, Pass-Pass Pulse after tingling our tongues with its tanginess and touching the 100 crore tag in the market has now sworn to seduce social media through Bollywood heartthrob Farhan Akhtar.

GIF-ing its way through the social-verse, Pulse candy tried to acquire some social spotlight and started #PulseDhadakneDo, campaign.

Pulse presents Farhan Akhtar

As they said, “After treating your tongues, we are here to treat your ears”. Outlining an entire campaign around this, the brand beautified their handles in their native color of green.

They painted a campaign dominated by GIFs to announce their collaboration with the multi-talented persona, Farhan Akhtar’s concert held by the brand in New Delhi.

As starters, the campaign spawned enthusiasm around the event by attempting to create a buzz through engaging people inviting them to guess the guest. Eventually, the person of the night was announced along with the hashtag which was well in synch with the brand and the celebrity, #PulseDhadakneDo.

Mingling the brand’s name with the latest release of the actor, Pulse gave birth to a meaningful, thoughtful hashtag which resonated with the event, simply deciphering to ‘Let the heart beat.’

Flavoring the campaign further the brand went on a GIF spree revolving around the campaign. To this addition, the brand attempted to bring back the faded trend of 2015. The audience was urged to participate in a Dubsmash contest where they had to lip-synch to any Akhtar song to stand a chance to meet him in person and get their entries featured during the contest.

Social media presence of Pulse

Staying loyal to it, the social media illustrations of Pulse harmonized the shades of their brand, green which made the page visually appealing. A minimalistic, fuss-free campaign managed to rise up the Twitter trend charts on May 3, 2016 the day of its release.

It looks like GIFs are darling to the brand; in their Twitter debut campaign #PulseKaTwist, the brand gathered a few interesting GIFs under their social roof and attempted to create a thread by initiating users to nominate.

Twitter nestles brands giving them an open platform to showcase their talent to their audience and bond through likes, tweets, re-tweets and following. Pulse is a debutant in the world of tweets currently caters to merely 471 followers. Even with having followers in three digits, the brand has managed to get on the trend list which is absolutely commendable.

This proves that a brand through minimalistic audience can make it large by reaching the right audience through a bang on, yet trouble-free campaign.

Scanning through the Facebook and Twitter of the brand, it can be safely assumed that the brand believes in maintaining a balanced social media presence to stay in the eyes of their followers.

Prior to this, the brand’s activity on social media was active as they were seen producing eye-grabbing personalized illustrations around the trending topics of the country, the first being the Indian Premier League and the recent Game of Thrones fever that has caught up.


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