The automobile industry has been speeding on social media and otherwise. With the massive consumer base residing on Facebook and Twitter, these brands choose to take this platform seriously.

A report by Konnect Insights showcases an analysis of the online presence and popularity of automobile brands. The report focuses on Sedan models of popular brands and how they’re performing on social media platforms.

The report suggests that audience discussing automobile brands on social platforms are overwhelmingly male – 70.42% overall.  Audience analysis clearly defines that Hyundai (75.53%), Nissan (73.94%) and Skoda’s (73.29%) are the most male while Fiat Motors (35.45%), Honda (33.71%) and Chevrolet’s (32.16%) are the most female.

Toyota with 18% and Honda with 13% rejoice the major share of Twitter engagement, followed by Ford and Volkswagen both standing at 12% and Nissan at 11%, respectively. Maruti Suzuki and Fiat Motors have a poor engagement on the micro blogging platform with 1% and 2% engagement.

The story on Facebook is a tad bit different; Volkswagen with 42% grabbed the maximum attention of fans, followed by Nisaan with 25%, Chevrolet with 7%, Honda with 7%, and so on. The graphics clearly represent that Maruti’s Facebook engagement was the lowest compared to the rest with only 0.011%.

Take a look at the report to understand the performance of automobile brands on social media.

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