Snapchat rumored to adapt algorithm for content dissemination

Tailing Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, rapid photo sharing app, Snapchat too is now planning to place its content feed basis an algorithm. Snapchat is looking to work on its updates that may influence brand accounts and disturb the chronological flow of content users are following.

This update would bring the platform’s content parallel to Facebook’s News Feed, which re-arranges the content giving priority to relevance.

Currently Snapchat swanks of 100 million daily active users, where the major chunk is the young generation. The publishing partners in the Discovery tab are currently allowed to carry ads, with the aim to get face to face with the audience other brands, and publishers are running private accounts attempting to breed their audience organically by creating some space in your list of stories.

This feature could benefit Snapchat by letting the network work similar to that of Facebook, by charging advertisers and publishers additional to push up their content higher on the feed thus raising generous revenue. Also, penalizing content using the algorithmic filter may aid to determine the stories which turn out to be a success and the ones which are lost without a trace.

How, this works out for Snapchat, if and when it rolls out, will be indeed interesting to watch.


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