Sofy coins #SleepingUgly to battle competition in sanitary pad segment

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Sleeping beauty, the gorgeous lady from the fantasy world has always intrigued us. But what exactly is fantasy? What is a fairy tale? Just another fabricated anecdote, intended to deceive our minds. To snap us out of our dreamland, Sofy India steps in to get us into our comfort zones urging us to sleep comfortably which in this case is never appealing.

The sanitary napkin tapping on this thought, produced a campaign #SleepingUgly, because it is so natural and always cosy.

The ugly sleeping story

The sanitary napkin brand churned a campaign around a concern every woman could relate.  In the days of menstruation cycle, no woman sleeps at night without the fear of blood staining the bed sheets or clothes the next morning.

All those ladies nodding rigorously in agreement when Sofy India put across a short video tagged #SleepingUgly on their digital handles which showcases for 42 seconds the natural sleeping characteristics of females.

Beginning with the euphoric experience of Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) through their audio, the video for the first few seconds showcases the ideal image of women sleeping absolutely calmly or as the society identifies as very "lady-like."

But soon, it takes a turn into reality where all the snoring, kicking, moving, rolling, and spreading starts. As the brand says, you sleep the best when you sleep ugly. In this transition of video, the audio also pulls up the tempo becoming more peppy and upbeat.

Finally towards the conclusion, the brand presents its product on the screens claiming itself to be the longest and the widest pad in the market allowing one to sleep the ugliest during their periods.

The beauty of #SleepingUgly

The campaign without dialogues, linear story telling or any script manages to recite a story and put across its message quite gracefully using sheer simplicity.

Drawing attention to actuality, the campaign liberates women to sleep according to their comfort by using their product. Without beating around the bush the campaign puts across its product to be the solution for heavy, clumsy and stressful menstruation nights.

Social media activity 

The campaign was initiated through a contest running in the shadow of #GirlUninterrupted. The contest lured the ladies to make use of their smartphones and click pictures of girls sleeping in the most unexpected positions or even share an intriguing sleeping story where they would receive Sofy sleep box in return.

After a small introduction, the second and larger phase of the campaign #SleepingUgly was put forth on their social media channels which was ticked off with illustrations of girls sleeping with quotes mentioned in the creatives. Keeping a fixed template for their creative, the brand scripted various sayings relatable to sleep similarly building a tad bit curiosity.

Finally the core of the campaign, the video, which received 13.1k reactions on Facebook with 1k shares and 931k views.

Hit or miss? 

Sofy faces stiff competition from brands such as Whisper, StayFree, and Kotex and hence the main aim of the campaign could be identified as creating brand identity, recall, and engagement - something that the brand managed to achieve on multiple levels.

#SleepingUgly and #GirlUninterrupted

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