Surf Excel once again says ‘Daag Acche Hai’ with #ReadyForLife

Growing up is the worst thing that could ever happen to mankind, though inevitable. In this process of growing up when life throws lemons at you, one must be prepared to handle this with compassion, empathy, and love.

Dragging their theme, ‘Daag Ache Hai’ to another level, Surf Excel created campaign #ReadyForLife which emphasizes more on sharing and generosity.

Outline for #ReadyForLife

The  of two and a half minute film narrates an anecdote of a mother-son duo where the mother persuades her son to follow his passion of playing football.

After failing multiple times, one day the little boy comes home delighted sharing the news that he finally got selected in the team. Enhancing the joy further by accepting his request his mother buys him the desired pair of shoes

Witnessing the determination of her little boy who comes home from practice with dirty cloths, once the mother decides to surprise him on the field.

The film takes a turn from there as the mother witnesses that her boy never got selected in the team, in fact he sits out cheering for his friend who is the one playing on the ground with the shoes his mother had gifted him. Taken aback by the lie the mother realizes that her son just smearing some mud on him repeatedly has fooled his mother.

This is when the little boy revealed that he was just supporting a friend who couldn’t afford these shoes. This transforms the mother’s anger into warm feeling as she hugs her child and the voice over narrates that her son is #ReadyForLife.

Symbolizing through the story

With the massive ‘Daag Ache Hai’ tagline, Surf Excel created an identity for itself, symbolizing dirt as their ambassador. Taking this strong founded tagline to another level Surf Excel flourished the campaign #ReadyForLife through which the brand aimed to enhance the importance of sharing and kindness.

Surf Excel did not choose to directly market their product, but created a base, a story line and an idea to represent their brand. Evidently, the film showcased ‘daag’ or dirt in the film keeping it a prime component in the film indirectly making a relation with the brand.

For the campaign, the brand even created a microsite for #ReadyForLife a thought that carries forwarding their central theme.

Social media activity

With smooth story-telling, the campaign created an identity for itself of sharing.

The campaign on social media received 942k views with over 20k reactions which evidently showcases the high engagement. The campaign was also run solely on the film, the old school way without creating GIFs or contests.

Overall, #ReadyForLife was a success with bang-on story-telling, the brand did not boast of its product directly but the product was mentioned subtly in the film when the mom was shown washing the boy’s cloths. Through a strong narrative created a uniqueness by supporting the idea of sharing.


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