Tic Tac tries hands on movie marketing to enhance social engagement


Tic Tac


Hazelknight Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd

To reach out to fans via an Online Dance Challenge fans were asked to share their dance videos using Tic Tac packs as a prop & dance on sound tracks from ABCD2.  The videos were judged by Dancing Genius Remo D’Souza and the winners had the opportunity to win a trip to Las Vegas, USA


To create a buzz about the brand Tic Tac in association with the movie ABCD2 via a digital campaign that focused on maximum reach and high engagement for the brand as well as the movie.


The idea was to launch the campaign #TICTAC2Vegas  a month before the movie released so as to create the required hype across all digital platforms.

A microsite was launched which became a platform where fans were called out to share their unique dance videos with using Tic Tac packs as a prop and using only ABCD 2 songs.

The campaign was supported by a TVC, visually appealing digital updates, and short video bytes from the Remo D’Souza along with his dancing troop to spread the word to the dance enthusiasts.


The campaign managed to generate over 100 Valid Entries. It also received over 4,00,000 views, more than 390000 clicks and reached over 870000. Along with that generated 35 million plus impressions on the digital media platforms.

Associating with a high energy movie worked well for Tic Tac which usually has all its communication centered around freshness and energetic aura of the product.