Twitter speculated to scrap character limit for photos and links

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Twitter speculated to scrap character limit for photos and links
Twitter, the social media platform recognized for its crisp communication of 140 characters has planned to transform its character count making it further flexible for users to compose longer texts.

Initially, the social media company included links and photos in its 140 character limit for tweets, which is now announced to be curbed. Currently links use up to 23 characters even though twitter inherently condenses them. This transformation is expected to happen in the following two weeks.

This step will enhance the way Twitter is currently consumed allowing users to express better. Jack Dorsey, Chief Executive Officer, Twitter back in January announced that the company was experimenting for newer methods to display texts on twitter.

The original 140-character limit was adopted as it was a way to post tweets while squeezing all the information within a phone text message.

Earlier this year, Twitter had thought out to raise the tweet limit to 10000 characters, but the rapid, brief personality of the social media platform aided it to find an individual identity in the social sphere distancing from competition. Twitter has been the

Twitter has been the one-stop destination for live chats and events and getting rid of the character limit for links and photos might urge users to include more media in their tweets thus encouraging better conversations by still maintaining the ideal essence of Twitter.

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