WOW Air is taking four Snapchatters on an exotic trip

‘Travel to an exotic location’ is something everyone wants to tick off their bucket list and Icelandic budget airline WOW Air has come up with a brilliant way to make this happen.

Planned to take off with a dreamy travel program for the Snapchatters around the globe, the airline is allowing 4 people to travel on a full-paid trip to different destinations around the world. Too difficult to keep calm? We’re not surprised. The airline is hunting for proficient Snapchat users who will snap throughout the trip.

If Snapchat and travel in the same sentence sound like a deal sealer, getting a sponsored trip is just a cherry on the cake. The airlines will be choosing the cities which are Snapchat worthy randomly and the Snap-Travelers will be invited to be a part of two activities per trip. During the trip of 3 to 8 days the travel, flight,

During the trip of 3 to 8 days the travel, flight, hotel, and activities will be taken care of by the airlines itself, if that’s not enough, Snapchatters will be given travel allowances as well.

The Snaps will be posted as stories to WOW Air’s Snapchat account with that on some of the other social media handles.

If you think you are capable enough to be a part of this reverie trip all you have to do is before the deadline of May 8; send in your entries by creating a 2 minute Snapchat story in English, save the video and share it on the SnapTraveler page of the airline’s website besides your personal social media handles.

The trips are expected to commence from June and the lucky winners will be announced on May 17.


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