‪#‎MonsoonMemoirsWithJWSahar blends monsoon tales with nostalgia


Bluish-grey tinted frothy skies, sparkly drizzles the sun playing hide and seek, is the unswerving inkling towards the arrival of monsoon. The season which brings gloom and romance together has a strong hold on sentiments and has been molding tales around it since forever. Yarning anecdotes around it, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar came up with a campaign to engage and share reminiscences.

Memories of monsoon

Few memories subconsciously have an overwhelming connect as they manage to carry chunks of the past with your present. JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar through their campaign, ‪#‎MonsoonMemoirsWithJWSahar took their audience down the nostalgic lane building an idea over it.

Banking on the weather which weaves most tales especially in Mumbai – where rains usher a new feel altogether, the brand called out their audience to share their precious memories of the monsoon.

Balancing the campaign on two social media giants, first, the brand called out to netizens to share their stories within 140 characters out of which the most appealing ones where shared on their official Facebook handle.

To commence, the brand embellished the downpour memories of their associates with the beauty of words by stitching together poetic, story-telling versus put together on creatives of black background. Somewhat, picking inspiration from portals like Terribly Tiny Tales.

To sprinkle flavor on the campaign, the brand heated up a simple video which gathered all their connoisseurs Tarika Singh, A Perfect Fusion (Disha Khurana), Foodchants (Shirin Mehrotra), Hungry Forever (Karishma Rawat), and Choux Pastry Love (Ekta Nair) candidly sharing their memories.

Their entire social media handle was evidently portraying the enthusiasm of the season as the brand had put up offers along with the campaign abiding by the monsoon trend.

Rainbows or grey for the campaign?

Carving a campaign through urging personal interactions, the brand attempted to create an intimate bond with their audience which resonates with their hospitality nature, trying to get their audience attached to their brands.

Users went all out, tweeting their personal stories openly, engaging merrily with the campaign, which definitely points towards a good engagement.

Majorly crowd-sourced, the brand just gave a push to the campaign by initiating stories from their associates and later tagged the audience along.  The illustrations which had stories on them, received 171 reactions and over 60 shares.

The only drawback of the campaign was the lengthy and tad bit confusing hashtag.

Overall, the brand managed to stand out through their thematic campaign, while leveraging monsoons before brands go all out on it creating a clutter.