8 reasons to take up UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Program

Digital Marketing program

Just because you while your time away on social media, doesn’t make you a Digital Marketer! In order to accelerate your learnings, you have to get formally educated in Digital Marketing.

To become a Digital Marketing pro, Social Samosa would suggest getting formally educated in Digital Marketing. It opens up your mind to various perspectives and helps you understand the bigger picture of marketing.

This 8 point guide will explain the importance of a formal digital marketing program to make it big in one of the most dynamic industries.

#1- Learn to market in the digital age and not digital marketing

Digital Marketing is much more than just tweets, posts and likes. It’s about quality engagement, loyal fans, and digital properties that align with a brand’s proposition.

A great Digital Marketing training program should teach you to not only use tools and platform, but also, how it all ties back to solving the business problem. Trust me, only platform specific knowledge would  take you so far and every platform would over time be replaced by a new one.

Ashok Lalla, globally renowned Indian Digital Marketing Leader and Industry Advisor to UpGrad opines

 “The use of digital by brands has so far been largely channel-driven, with a focus on websites, search, social networks… mainly because folks who are digital ‘specialists’ in specific channels drive digital activities, both at client- and agency-side. What’s needed instead is a wholesome approach that places digital central to the marketing and business continuum. That’s when the real power of digital as a key business lever starts getting realized.”

#2- Build and leverage your network

Where else can you  meet like minded people who are as eager to explore Digital Marketing. With experts and budding talent under one roof, a digital marketing course will act as a catalyst in creating a network and establishing your footprint in a vast digital universe.

Your peer network can not only help you learn better but can also result in career opportunities down the line. To give an example, UpGrad’s program places a strong emphasis on peer to peer collaboration through group projects, discussion forums and networking events.

#3- Learn from the people who know it best

Who you learn it from is as important as what you learn.

The UpGrad Digital Marketing Program boasts of industry honchos such as Asia Pacific head of Digital Marketing of Microsoft, a professor from Cambridge University, former Digital head of JWT, Global Digital heads of HCL and InMobi and many more as their faculty.

Here’s what Sujay Golan, Global Head of Digital Marketing at InMobi, has to say about the program –

“I am very impressed with the way UpGrad has reimagined digital marketing for this program. The program brings together India’s top digital marketers and CMOs all on one platform to both mentor students as well as teach them.”

#4- Take lessons from real life campaigns

Text book learning isn’t enough to get a hang of the digital era. A good digital marketing program would provide you with a view of how things function in the real world.

For example, in the UpGrad Digital Marketing Program you will go through real industry projects based on past marketing campaigns and then get to interact directly with the marketers who were in charge of the campaigns. Imagine attempting a case study on how Grofers defined its Social Media strategy and then receiving feedback directly from the Head of Social Media at Grofers about what you could have done better.

#5- Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty

The theoretical knowledge confines the spectrum of application to an extent, where you really need to get your hands dirty by running live campaigns by yourself.

In the UpGrad Digital Marketing Program, students get to run real campaigns in real time with real money.  Every student gets to run live campaigns with a budget of INR 15,000, which makes UpGrad’s program the first Digital Marketing training program to do so. This instills confidence in the students as they set out for their dream digital marketing job.

#6- Finding a mentor who will nurture your career   

The importance of having an experienced mentor who has been there and done that cannot be emphasized enough. This person can provide you timely insights that will help you supercharge your career growth.

At UpGrad, you will find leading industry experts provide you timely answer to all your queries. That’s not all, weekly sessions with in house experts will help you address any queries that you may have about the content and your career.

#7- Do what you do best

Posts, tweets, and images that you see on the brand’s social media pages is only 30 per cent of what actually digital marketing is. There are various streams including SEO, SEM, social listening, social CRM, and a lot more. A professional course will help you understand the relevance of every element and which suits you the best.

The UpGrad Digital Marketing Program has a holistic approach bearing in mind the industry’s needs across niches.

“Based on the past profile and performance during the program, we would identify the job profile/industry the person is most suited for,” shared UpGrad spokesperson with Social Samosa.

Further, their digital marketing experts help candidates prepare their resume and train them for their interviews – to highlight the relevant qualities in the best possible manner.

#8- Come, See, Conquer

To believe that you can conquer a world as electric as the digital verse with wobbly fundamentals is foolishness. You need to make sure to be on the right place, learn (see) the right things, and conquer like no one ever has before.

Picking the right course or programme is a task of extreme diligence and needs to be executed that way. Go for a course that polishes you into an insightful marketer, flexible enough to execute artful campaigns in the digital age.

You can learn more about the UpGrad Digital Marketing Program here