#BakingPremiereHappiness sets contextual marketing example

contextual marketing case study


The Baking Company


Hazelknight Media and Entertainment

The Baking Company launched their new outlet just a few days before IPL – 9 started. In order to raise hype about the new store and to connect with the audience, they used IPL as the central theme to build engagement. They started the campaign #BakingPremiereHappiness to achieve the same. The Baking Company’s primary tagline is #BakingHappiness, so the hashtag used for the campaign created a mental connect with the current and new fan base immediately.


To draw mass attention from Bangalore towards The Baking Company and the new store launched at Orion East (mall) was the core aim of the initiative.


They focused on the matches played by the home team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. Every time there was an RCB match, a question was put up on TBC Social Media channels asking them to predict a specific outcome of the match.

The entire campaign was run on predictions while building interactions was the primary motive of the brand. These questions and answers were run on illustrations where the brand created animated creatives surfaces its connection with the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Conversations around the cricketing world were conducted with participants using the #BakingPremiereHappiness and strong visual connect. The campaign ran for the duration of the matche.

The hashtag for the campaign #BakingPremierHappiness was stringed with the Indian Premier League’s ninth edition which already created massive buzz on the social channels.


The campaign received over 600 entries, 11,000 plus engagements, and reached out to more than 1.1 lakh people. It also generated more than 1.3 lakh impressions during Robin Round matches for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The Baking Company managed to leverage IPL 9 while ruling their own niche. The connects were subtle yet creating a strong brand recall.