Cardinal social media sins committed by CMOs

Digital media is evolving at a fast rate & it is different from anything we have seen before. The inertia of brand marketers has meant that brands employ the same strategies and techniques on digital that worked for them on traditional media. Here, are 5 cardinal social media sin committed by  CMOs that can ruin the brand.

Try to be something you (Brand)  are not. (“Authenticity is important. If you’re not authentic, your audience will know you are posing and out you quickly.”)

A brand should always “Keep it Real as well simple” so that the audience can relate to the brand or vice versa.

The integrity, credibility and authenticity are the three vital fundamentals the brands should stick to. Once you try to lose any of the above keys features that will have an adverse and direct impact on the image of the brand. Authenticity is something that consumers always prefer over utility. Being a brand, we always look for building a strong relation with the consumers and it is very imperative because credibility is all about building a trust with your consumers and that’s how the product turns into a brand.

Don’t forget where you are

Someone has truly said that, “When you forget where you come from, you are at risk of being forgotten”.  It generally happens with the brands. One needs to understand the behavioral pattern of the target audience. The brand should be aware of which medium should they be using ( For eg. Print, internet etc) for the set of audience to be targeted with the objective of turning the campaign and brand into a success.

Assuming the creative content will be a runaway success

It requires a lot of hard work and creativity to come up with great ideas and then transforming it into a successful campaign. Establishing a social media strategy is more than just posting an update informing people that a new product or service is on sale. It’s more than just sharing a piece of relevant information. A social media strategy is a success when you are able to engage and interact with your target audience.  Always relying on the content that will help to gain optimum mileage from the campaign may not always work. In the mid if the campaign fizzles out, the most important thing is to think for an alternative trend or stories which will give maximum benefit.

Create amazing content and then fail to promote :

Content Creation is popularly increasing and it is been the point of reflection on the brand. Creating, Promoting, Engaging, Optimizing, strategizing, Analyzing  & Marketing your product are the key aspects on which content revolves. One must know what are the trends, what the audience likes to read or desires to see thus, making the information engaging and interactive.

A good interactive content is essential because it creates the awareness about the brand and also helps as a key factor to create the popularity of the brand and thus resulting in maximum sales of the product. Everything that you do, or want to accomplish on social media should be based on the values of brand and business of the organization. This not only guides your content and business objectives on social media platforms, but it can also generate buzz about your brand, since you’ve already identified your target audience and are aware of what their wants and needs are.

Don’t attempt it alone; partner with the stars who know their way around the platform

On a digital platform one is talking with a global audience. Be it any social media platform (for eg.  Facebook, Instagram etc.) what people watch ,like and share content as a result generating billions of views,  as large global audience is viewing the brand message. Thus, one have access to a lot of talent, who understand the medium and knows how to create content that appeal the target audience and have large fan base.

To further magnify your brand, one needs to understand on how to create persuasive content as they also bring in with them the loyal and large subscriber base. There is also a good chance that the audience will shower you with attention and respond with its own versions and performance of the campaign.

Leveraging all these thoughts will support the brand immensely in the digital media from the perspective of creating apt conversations and building a strong relationship amongst the stakeholders within the eco-system.

The article is written by Roshan Kunder. He is the Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & E-commerce at Baggit. 


Roshan Kunder | Online Marketing Manager| Baggit, started his professional journey after completing Bachelors in IT. His first job was with a logistic company on a Mobile technology pilot project. Through this, he understood his passion for Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. He then shifted to a Web development & UX agency, where he got his hands-on experience on diverse brands ranging from SMBs to large reputed organizations in retail, fashion, e-commerce and technology sector. He has played a key role in Baggit’s foray into e-commerce and runs that function. He is also responsible for Social media Marketing at Baggit and as result Baggit has a strong brand loyalty in a digital platform. Follow him on @RoshanKunder