[Case Study] Yunicorn Mobile encompasses the power of 4 with #Hungry4Yunicorn

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Jun 22, 2016 07:01 IST
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Case Study #Hungry4Yunicorn

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Post the launch of its smartphone Yunicorn, YU Mobiles rolled out a bold and quirky campaign on Twitter. This Case Study entails the array of activities conducted by the brand.


The idea was to drive home the message of Yunicorn encompassing the ‘Power of 4’, as depicted in its main advertisement that has been doing to the rounds of print, outdoor and digital.


#Hungry4Yunicorn was created on Twitter to boost awareness about Yunicorn, ahead of its flash sale. The tactic was to re-purpose the components of Twitter to highlight the features of the smartphone.

Reinforcing this communication, the activity asked its fans on Twitter to unfollow everyone they currently have on their following list and retain just ‘4’ accounts to follow, of which one has to be @YUplaygod. The twitter activity kick-started with this peculiar message that immediately induced a sense of intrigue among fans.


The activity garnered a lot of buzz on Twitter for Yunicorn. This is corroborated by the figures which stand at 16.2 million impressions, 1300 unique users participating and tweeting 6,379 times during the 3-hour activity. The activity also made it to the top 10 national Twitter trends in India.


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