#ChefsWithChunkie unleashes hidden home-cooks

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Chunkies cookies
It has the supremacy to fill your soul (read, stomach) with a great deal of gratification, making it awfully irresistible to stop at just one; such is the power of a mere cookie. A cookie is just a cookie? No, says Britannia Good Day’s new campaign which gives a shout out to home chefs asking them to bring something better out of their Choco Chunkies cookies.

The global television series, Masterchef 's presence and popularity on the Indian screens has given birth to a food connoisseur in every house, exactly why the brand adopted this campaign pairing up with the judges of the Masterchef Australia.

Recipe: Choco Chunkie and more

Until now baking a batch of beautifully crunchy, rich cookies was enough to take your tongue on a joyride, but Britannia Good Day took this theory up a notch by urging the hidden kitchen masters to whip out a dish using their new product.

Playing a little of its own Masterchef by keeping Chunkies as their core ingredient, the digital audience was given a platform to bring out the chef within them by producing a sweet or savory dish. The finest 10 dishes were to be filtered and the cooks held an opportunity to meet and greet with masters of the Food World, Chefs Gary Mehigan, George Calonbaris, and food critic Matt Preston.

In an entirely crowd-sourced campaign the participants had to share their recipes, take a picture of their final plate and finally, upload it on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account using #ChefsWithChunkies for the brand to review.

Campaign critic

#ChefWithChunkies unleashed the home cooks by challenging them on the digital platform which involved international television celebrity connoisseurs of food. The campaign received enough attention from the audience and even more participation with recipes flowing in from corners of the country.

Social media is a medium that gives the best of both the worlds - in this case both audio and visual experience but the brand failed to leverage on this aspect. A campaign backed by strong personalities was not supported by videos or GIFs and run merely on texts announcing the contest through moderate creatives. The visual aspect raises the engagement value, aiding it further to find a stronger foot in the digital medium.

On the brighter side, the campaign was by the people and for the people where users shared their kitchen secrets and non-participants got some brilliant recipes to try on thus making the digital page of Britannia Good Day nothing less than a Chunkie recipe blog.

A cookie for thought

The familiarity towards the judges of Masterchef Australia could be witnessed through this campaign which somewhere hints the lessening gap between the Indian audience and international shows. Keeping in mind the food factor, it surfaces that the tongue is evolving where people are getting exposed to a variety of cuisines, have become more acceptable and are experimenting in kitchens and palates.

The brand overall played extremely well in building the image of their product by showcasing its multiple usage by their fans itself and highlighting their Chunkie cookies in the competitive market with brands that majorly keep the visual aspect in a frame by tempting the audience.

An interactive campaign, minus the visuals, still had something to give the audience in return more than their Chunkie Cookie.

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