Durex pulls off #D20 Premier League with kink

Make way for this nakedly bold, smirk-worthy, and high on oomph factor campaign which blatantly comprises of sexual innuendos through the parody of IPL teams and cricket terminologies. Well, it’s the condom brand Durex that has yet again released thematic campaign #D20 Premier League, this time seamlessly stringing in with the Indian Premier League which was on its all time high in the social-verse.

Always attempting to crush old school societal norms of publicly hushing all the words synonymous to S-E-X and all its relative aspects, Durex exploited the liberal nature of social media to erect (no pun intended) this campaign.

Sex with Durex

If the game of T20 IPL was played by 11 men, the Durex #D20 premier league was a game just between partners.

Witty, wild or both- this campaign coated the language of cricket a bit kinky and urged their audience to activate their imagination.

Merging sex with cricket was the soul of the campaign where it posted creatives with cricket terms and defined it in the kinkiest way possible, indicative to double meaning. This was an aspect of the campaign which was bouncing on #D20Dictionary.

Short humorous,playful clips of few seconds were also released yet again keeping the rigid coupling of cricket and sex on screens. The videos with a master idea of the theme sex and cricket were executed in various ways. The content nowhere mentioned condom as a product nor did the brand try to preach the viewers about the significance of this product for a healthy sex life.

IPL fans or not, people are pretty aware of all the teams participating in the event; Durex determined to cover it in its own flavors, coated the regular names into suggestive sexual titles. Making use of slangs which is familiar in the young blood of the urban social circles, these posts were directed towards the crowd which exactly is in need of the product more.

Rigidly grabbing on to the two (wait for it) ideas of sex and cricket, Durex made word play its strength and pushed the campaign with force up in the digital space.

Thematic campaigns sure have become a norm, but Durex released a campaign which directly correlated with its product and they had the liberty to experiment in the social sphere, which they did to the utmost.

With the current scenario of the society, such brands and campaigns are a definite taboo for a major chunk but they still dared to take up a campaign of such hanging in the risk of backlash.

Noise on social media

Loud noises could be heard through the digital media for the campaign which ran on #D20, #D20PremierLeague suggestive to the Indian Premier League only the D standing for Durex.

In an otherwise kinky campaign, the hashtag was simple and suggestive to the brand connection with the cricket event. Impressively, the campaign though ran on one idea, had hands all over the place doing multiple things right from videos to appealing creatives, and of course the naughty-witty copies.

This generously lengthy, rich campaign garnered massive engagement on their official social media pages. Despite a little glitch in the mentality and cultural taboos, the campaign directly reflects that the audience has become rather open minded, matured, and interactive when it comes to products that condoms.

Overall, the digital Durex campaign was bang on (pun intended this time).


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