Facebook testing post on News Feed only option

Facebook testing post on News Feed only

Facebook has always allowed users to hide undesirable posts from their Facebook page; now with their update it is permitting users to post to the News Feed without the posts reflecting on their Timeline in the first place.

The recent News Feed only posting feature is now available on the social media giant, only on the web and not on mobile. As the user begins typing a status update at the top of the News Feed, they will have the option of a new check box for ‘Hide from your Timeline’. This new feature will be posted on the News Feed but will stay at bay from the user’s Timeline.

Prior to this, getting rid of something from your Timeline involved hunting for the post and choosing the option to hide it, but now one can also customize who can spot the update prior and post its update.

The posts hidden will pop up in the search list under ‘your posts’ that only the user can view. But this option is not accessible when sharing on your friend’s posts.

Currently, the feature is available to a few web users, though the company has not announced when or if it will be rolled out for everyone. This feature is probable to come for Android and iOS users.