[Report] #InternationalYogaDay creates global ripples

Yoga day

Nurtured from the roots of home country, Yoga has been an Indian gift to the world and how. The globe seems to have embraced this healthy form of art and absorbed it coherently in their lifestyle

International Yoga Day has proactively enhanced the significance of his form of exercise and the social media digits support this statement with the elevating mentions on the platforms.

Yoga has been existing for over a thousand years or even more, while it has been gaining popularity across the world over last decade there is no doubt the International Yoga Day has given a new light to it. Meltwater’s Digital Listening platform tracked more than 89000 mentions in social media. While it was expected that maximum chatter would come from India, it was interesting to note that people from US & UK talked the most about the event.” – Nitin Bhatia, Director Agency Partnerships, Meltwater

Analyzing the social media sentiments the digits affirmed that 47,710 mentions were mostly neutral while 36,520 were positive.

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Celebrating Yog Divas on June 21, Prime Minster Narendra Modi in his second year became a dynamic participant of the occasion calling Yoga equivalent to health insurance. Meltwater Digital noted that almost 10% of the total social media mentions comprised of Modi’s reference with 9310 mentions. Most of these mentions were on Twitter and then followed by YouTube with 5610 neutral sentiments while 3090 positive emotions towards the celebration.

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This day was dedicated in making this hale and hearty practice viral and somewhere put India in a brighter light by making Yoga a part of its identity and through this entire process social media has been extremely supportive.