Jabong celebrates #WeeksOfClassics with evergreen products

Jabong campaign

Some things never change. Sticking around since the vintage to the contemporary era, some things got their grip tight and identity strong. They are called the classics, the forever loved. And the new Jabong campaign is reaffirming these classics through their digital campaign

Celebrating the classics

You might be the last batch of the 90’s baby, the hipster college kid from the 80’s or probably a recent teen growing up in the selfie era, but one thing that binds the three generations together are classics. Swore to never go out of fashion, they have fixed their spot in our wardrobe for years together.

E-commerce brand Jabong takes up the responsibility to acknowledge these products which have stayed with the fashion world in the past and present.

The Jabong campaign briefly re-focuses on the basic, little black dress aka LBD, aviators and the good old blue denims. Through gallant, quirky and Bollywood-y illustrations, the campaign was laid on the digital sphere up for grabs, directly promoting their products by celebrating the vintage times and recognizing how it has stayed with us even today.

The campaign looked at building a slightly interactive campaign taking their audience on a flashback by asking them to share their memories associated with the song ‘Purani jeans aur guitar’ and their classic jeans.

One pop culture inspired creative portrayed Mona Lisa flashing a pair of fancy aviators and it also comprised a space for blue jeans calling their viewers to have a de-nim-licious times.

Stealing trends from Bollywood has been a part of the culture and the brand leveraged on this factor where they put up a creative showing the two biggies of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan and SRK wearing a pair of aviators. Along with the creative, the brand asked for public opinion as to who looks better.

Campaign break down

Unlike the common tradition, the creatives maintained individualism by not following a peculiar format.

The messaging revolved around the core objective to direct traffic towards the website. Playing around an already established idea of fondness for classics, Jabong drew some eyes towards itself by showing some social media presence without stressing too much on creativity.

The campaign was more like an on-going buzz to draw attention towards their vintage collection which still is glamorously sported.

Establishing their campaign with ‘Did You Know’ fact about aviators, they released their first creative and through their copies stuck a link to their vintage product collection.

Following the aviator collection, denim collection and black classics was pushed to commemorate the vintage collection running on plain three products.

Posting with the creatives, the brand shared the link which drove the traffic straight to the product’s page on the website. #WeeksOfVintage did not have a specific start, end or a theme, but was a brief reminder about their existence on social media and otherwise.

The campaign ideally could have conducted contests or artistic GIFs considering the nature of its campaign by putting up their vintage collection up for grabs thus building further engagement.

Social media buzz

#WeeksOfClassics was the hashtag run for the campaign which was absolutely self-explanatory stating how the brand is boosting its never fading products. These creatives received a fair response on its creatives and managed to come up on the portal through its simplicity. Almost all the creatives received over 3.5k reactions and a decent engagement rate.

One thing that provided evidence through this campaign is how the brand is extremely active in the social sphere as it personally addressed to the issues of their customers, especially the negative ones. It showcases the brand resolve, sincerity towards their customers and how the brand is leveraging the social media to reach out to its audience making it a successful two-way communication.

Coming back to this Jabong campaign, running on a straightforward, uncomplicated idea Jabong managed to drag attention towards its social media handle and drive incremental traffic towards the website as desired. Share your perspective on this campaign with us here or write in to [email protected]