LinkedIn releases Top Attractors in India list

LinedIn Top Attractors

LinkedIn has been in the news recently about their impending acquisition by Microsoft for an estimated amount of $26.2 billion. They have released a list of LinkedIn Top Attractors in India.

The list gives an account of the companies which attract the most number of applicants on LinkedIn over for the last 12 months. It has been compiled on the basis of data acquired and analyzed from the 433 million+ users on LinkedIn. The criteria was not a company’s revenue or surveys but rather on actions of their users with respect to where they want to work at and whether or not they want to stay at the company.

You can check out the list of employers here


















Social HR is an ongoing trend, the brands who have made it to this list are the early adopters of this bandwagon. With the list Linkedin is trying to inculcate the practice of recruiting fresh talent through their suite of offerings.