Pinterest may prove to be formidable competitor for online shopping giants

Pinterest is being ambitious with their plans for ecommerce and they have introduced 4 new features to encourage more users to use Pinterest for their online shopping needs.

They are also pushing their Buyable Pins feature to be made available to users on the web which was only available to iPhone and iPad when it was rolled out a year ago.

Pinterest is also taking a page out of Amazon’s book and giving users the option to add a range of products to a virtual shopping bag irrespective of the number of merchants you are purchasing from.

The virtual shopping bag lets you easily browse through pictures and products without losing the items you’ve added to it.

Merchant profiles have also been granted a comprehensive update which allows them to know what’s new, popular or on sale.

The visual search option has also been upgraded so when you are browsing through a pin, clicking on the visual search icon will bring forth a number of dots which you can click on to go through similar Pins. Object detection is what makes this exciting new feature a possibility.

Pinterest plans on being the place to go not just for pictures of your interests, friends and family and now breaching commercial territory by providing users to shop and businesses to sell their products on Pinterest.

These new features will provide a boost to Pinterest’s bid to be a strong contender in the arena of online shopping giants with an inventory of interesting tools at their disposal with more than an ace up their sleeve.