Snapchat’s recent update a boon for content creators?

The fleeting natured photo sharing application, Snapchat recently announced their latest feature which transforms user interface and allows users to subscribe to their desired publishers from the Discovery section which comprises of Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Sweet, Food Network, MTV, CNN, People, Tastemade, National Geographic, Vice, and more.

As users subscribe to these publishers, their content will then appear on the Stories page of the app which is comparatively more accessed by users and drives far more traffic.

As an added benefit to the update, the app is also re-structuring the Discover channel so that the publishers can tease the content of each day with a magazine-style headline and image. The intention behind this update is to entice users to open Discover channels which they tend to ignore.

Snapchat’s update is giving publishers a scope to stand apart from the cluster. Since its launch, Discover channel has doubled its size. It became a challenge for the Discover portal to emphasize itself without giving a gist of their content to lure user attention.

This update will lead to further attempts by the publishers to get noticed and subscribers. Similar to social media portals of Facebook and Twitter, adding subscribers within the app will get these channels improved placement.

This update draws heavy focus towards the Discovery view by changing the apps user interface and putting the Discover feed below personal stories. The app has become more user-friendly as the icon clearly indicates that the left most view is for texting, while the right side is to view stories.

Snapchat’s enhanced version is inclined in the favor of publishers in the Discovery channel will further tighten the competition to stay on the top of the subscription list considering the mounting popularity and population of Snapchat.

On a different note, this might also work as an algorithm for publishers on Discovery, who now need to get users to subscribe to their channels. It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Snapchat came up with a paid push for content creators soon.

For now, let’s sit back and see how this move works out for the app.