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Social Media Course

How did the idea of starting a Digital Marketing Learning Place come to you?

The Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) evolved from the need for digitally skilled resources in India. All businesses in India are transitioning to the Digital Space for effective business. This has led to a high rise in demand for digitally skilled resources. The current Indian Education system ignores this demand and is unable to cater to the needs of new businesses. IIDE is catering to this industry requirement and creating future digital entrepreneurs.

According to you, how important is it for a person to take this course?

India is experiencing a digital revolution at a rapid speed where at least some part of most businesses is going online, making it extremely vital for every businessman to possess digital skills to succeed. This course caters to those needs by teaching the A-Z of digital marketing. Be it an online or offline business, every business needs marketing and there is nothing better digital marketing.

How often are the workshops/ Course held?

IIDE’s school of digital marketing has 2 intakes a year, once in June and the following in November.

What is the duration of the Course?

The course is an intensive 6-month program, during which 24 modules are covered. On an average, classes are held 4 times a week in the evening.

What is the course curriculum?

The program is a comprehensive mix of basics, core and agency skills and is integrated in a manner to develop strategic, executive and soft skills. Industry experts from leading digital marketing agencies have curated the program content and curriculum. Important topics such as Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Remarketing, Email Marketing, Analytics, Online Reputation Management etc. are covered in an exhaustive manner.

6 months = 24 weeks = 24 modules.

Each week we take on a new topic.

We would like to introduce you to Live Projects

Each student in this program is assigned 1 brand as a Live Project. Classroom learnings have to continuously be applied as assignments on those brands and students have to interact with brand representatives on a weekly basis. Hence, the student is not only learning from classroom instructors but also brand representatives who give them feedback as and when needed.

Who should join the course – students, business owners, brand managers?

Aspiring digital marketers, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs and any other individual interested in the field of Digital Marketing.

What platforms do you cover?

We cover Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

Also, we cover email marketing, remarketing, affiliate marketing and blogging.

Do you have different courses for different platforms? Can you shed some light on it?

What we offer is different courses for different modules. To give you a gist, if somebody wishes to learn a particular topic like Adwords they can attend a one-week capsule course, whereas if somebody else wishes to learn Social Media Marketing they can attend a weekly course for that module. The social media marketing module will cover all the social platforms.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The course is open to any person who has successfully completed 12th Grade and is fluent in speaking and writing English.

Can you brief us on the Faculty profile?

  • Karan Shah is the founder and CEO of IIDE. He has 4 years of experience in teaching digital marketing to top university students in Mumbai under his other brand Goodlife Education. He has trained over 2500 students in digital marketing. He has previously worked at Social Kinnect and done digital marketing for brands such as Gits Food, ADF Foods, Havmor Icecreams, BlackDog etc.
  • Sanaya Tangri has worked with Colours TV for 3.5 years and has experience with creating social media campaigns. She has handled many clients in her years with Colours, one of the top being Kapil Sharma. Now she is pursuing her MBA and works as a freelancer and teacher for IIDE.
  • Ivan Bayross, an international author, and digital evangelist. He has written 62 books in the digital space and is also a coder.
  • Srinivas Kulkarni heads the learning and development team at Social Kinnect. He has worked in the digital marketing industry for 7 years.
  • Yash Mehta is currently handling digital marketing for IIDE. He has previously worked for 6 years in the digital marketing space at MTV.

Type of Courses – Individual, group, corporate?

The program is conducted at our premises in Khar west and the capacity of the class is 25 students. We do not offer individual training to any students. We offer customised training for corporates as well. They can decide the number of the employees they wish to train as well as which topics to train. The training could be conducted at their premises or our centre.

Are there different courses for beginners and advanced users?

The course is created in such a manner so as to cater to every individual’s need. Therefore, the course will attract beginners to advanced users and everyone will find themselves satisfied with the curriculum.

Can you share some testimonials?

Yugal Sikri (Ex-CEO of Ranbaxy and current Chairman of NMIMS pharmaceutical management program) –“I think I learnt a lot which I had not known before. Also, I must mention about Karan Shah, a 24-year-old faculty who was there for every 3-hour session and spoke sense in every word he spoke as it was relevant to every single student present in the classroom. Kudos to this young man on his command on the subject.



Can you share a successful brand case study?

Most of our students today are availing jobs and internships on course completion. Some of them have been assisted by us and some have got them on their own based on the knowledge they received during the course.

One student has started her own start-up called

Others have got internships/ jobs at

  • Social Kinnect – Digital Marketing Agency
  • Frapp – A student discount mobile app
  • SwachhDhara
  • MedMeanings
  • IBS – Digital marketing
  • FYA Group – Digital Marketing Agency
  • ImpactGuru – Digital Marketing Agency

As of today, we have collaborated with the following colleges for our Social Media Marketing Course as a joint certificate course.

  • Jai Hind College
  • R. College
  • C. College
  • Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management
  • Xavier’s College
  • D. National College
  • Bhavan’s College
  • SK Somaiya College
  • KPB Hinduja College
  • Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
  • Vivekananda Education Society’s Institute of Technology
  • Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
  • Mukesh Patel School of Technology & Management
  • DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering
  • Usha Mittal Institute of Technology
  • KJ Somaiaya College of Engineering

How much does the Course cost for: a) Individuals and b) Corporates?

  1. The course fee is Rs. 95,000 inclusive of GST for every student. IIDE allows the fee to be paid in a lumpsum or in 2 installments.
  2. Corporates – The fee for corporates varies, as it depends on the number of hours required to train the subject chosen by them, the number of employees to be trained and the location of training.

Where are the Courses held?

The course is held at IIDE’s school in Khar West.

Do they help with internships/jobs?

100% assistance for jobs and internships will be provided to every student who successfully completes the 6-month program. IIDE has partnered up with companies such as Social Kinnect, ToggleHead, and Flintstop.