Social Samosa Agency Feature – Websters

Agency Feature: Websters

Who are we?

I was interning with a company when I realized that I wanted to start something of my very own. Cashing on my technical knowledge, I started off with WEBSTERS in the year 2011 at a very small-scale, wherein I commenced with Website Development and Social Media services only. Since then,  Websters has successfully bootstrapped and established itself as the leading social media digital marketing provider in the Middle East region enabling leading brands like Zee TV, Zee Cinema, and TOIFA to create a presence from scratch and scale it further through digital engagement.  We now plan to grab the user base in India following the same pattern and aim to carve-a-niche for ourselves with our unique marketing solutions.

The company provides a range of dedicated social media services along with other digital assistance such as website design, app development, graphic designing, branding and related solutions personalized to individual client needs.

What’s in the name?

Through our name, we wanted to keep the message crisp and simple. With no metaphorical, subjective or an implemented approach, all we wanted was to convey what we do.

As mentioned earlier, we are a team of experts dedicated to the final goal of fetching a digital brand space for our client in a way, like no other agency would be able to. Thus, we wanted a name that conjugates our expertise in the social media and digital area along with our creative bent and finally the name that clicked was WEBSTERS.

What we do?

In a nut shell the key services we offer are digital marketing brand strategy, search engine marketing , brand social media strategy , web/mobile app development and creative content writing. Our marketing philosophy is to help companies build remarkable products / services that seek to be discovered by their audiences.We create insightful strategy to convert audience into fans as well as a powerful analysis which measures the success of that strategy.
Why we do it?

We forayed into the sector because we saw huge gap into the digital marketing space and observed that the existing companies working on the same lines do not have the know how and global experience to serve the clients. We wanted to bridge the gap and be that one-stop agency for companies where they can expect the exercise of the best abilities towards their digital establishment and further growth in the concerned sector.

How we evolve?

We know the social media industry is fast-paced and growing rapidly, thus, make sure that we are constantly updated with the same. We are a team who are constantly looking forward to modify, adopt and add new services to our existing portfolio. With a majority of young minds aligned for our clients to serve them the best trending services apart from introducing and implementing new styles of marketing, we know the basic drill of incorporating the changing patterns for the betterment of our clients and ourselves simultaneously.

Social responsibility in social media

Websters is highly active in its CSR activities for the development of society in every possible manner. Apart from providing high-amount concessions and discounted-rate or free services, we have also helped schools in many villages to operate on a full-fledged basis.

Need of the hour

While our attention is towards their immediate needs, but for each and every action of ours, we think about the big picture of the brand and the benefits it can avail by the same in the long-run. We try and stick to the tried-and-tested ways of social media culture, but also are not hesitant to experiment our ways which are completely under the social media guidelines

We think that every client has different requirements for their brand, and we make sure to fulfill their requirements, further proceeding to nurturing and developing it in related aspects. We try and stick to the traditional periphery of social media culture, but also are not hesitant to experiment our ways which are completely aligned to the social media guidelines and related networking laws.

We learned the hard way

Small typos or an edited post may be a frequent drill for most of the agencies, but at Websters, we are peculiarly particular about such small errors. We think that even the minutest detail gone wrong can affect the brand’s positioning in the market. We have had some such experiences in the past, which has made us all the more careful and accurate in our functioning.

There also have been times when we have thought that certain services are not possible to be implemented for a brand, but with a little bit of tweaking and tools acquisition, it has been made possible. Those made us learn all the more about innovation and smart ways of conducting ourselves for the brand.

Did we just share that?


They work with us

Dubai government, Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Pepsi IPL, TOIFA , Malabar Gold, and Diamonds , ETISALAT etc

Industry as we foresee

Digital media industry is booming at a large rate. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a more viable option than traditional media because even with a small budget, businesses can test the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, control costs, and reach out to targeted audiences. So every type of business (big and small, old and new) is recognizing the importance of leveraging digital marketing.

Integrated digital media campaigns can result in a significant increase in conversion rates if they are executed in the right way. Some of the trends which we expect to a grain ground in this particular industry are native ads, influencer marketing and video.

A day without Internet

In one word – HELL!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are currently a small dedicated team of 12 employees that consists of designers, website & mobile app developers, BD members, content writers, accountants and account managers. With our expansion in India, we are also now looking at hiring specialized candidates in number of related verticals specially BD and Account Managers.