Unmetric Discover to catalyze brand content ideation & white space analysis

Unmetric Discover

Unmetric, the leading brand-focused social media intelligence company, launched Discover, an innovative product that enables brand content creators and strategists to research, discover and share new ideas with other team members in real time.

While creatives use tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create content, no tool exists to help generate content concepts. As brands today push out campaigns more frequently than ever before, Unmetric Discover solves a growing challenge that faces marketers well before any content creation can begin: the need to consistently come up with new and compelling content ideas.

“The need to generate and validate fresh, engaging ideas at a rapid cadence is a challenge that faces every content creator today,” said Lux Narayan, Chief Executive Officer of Unmetric. “We developed Discover to fill an unaddressed market opportunity for brand content ideation. Our mission is for Discover to become the de facto engine for content inspiration, synonymous and complementary to Adobe’s tools for design execution – allowing content creators to use social signals to explore and share ideas at the speed of culture.”

“As a creative planner who manages fast-paced digital campaigns, I don’t have time to dig deep into content performance data,” said Taylor Cohen, Editor at Moment Studio/Deep Focus. “Discover gives me a quick line of sight to brand-relevant topics and content that are trending and those that performed well historically. This isn’t available to me through any other tool or service. Discover helps me provide my colleagues and our clients with data-driven rationale for creative decisions.”

“I recently used Discover while developing creative pieces for Memorial Day,” added Cohen. “With a quick search, I could instantly see content other brands had done or were pushing out in real time and determine if an idea was viable or had been overused. The ability to search topics and content by keywords and hashtags, as well as share findings among team members helps ensure we don’t create something that’s already been done.”

Unmetric Discover draws from a constantly growing database of historical and real-time content published by more than 40,000 brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The product features three main components, all designed to help content creators and strategists discover and share engaging, relevant content ideas.

Discover Topics: Content creators can explore topics around upcoming events such as holidays and celebrations, sporting events, concerts, award shows and more based on keywords or hashtags (e.g. Super Bowl, #Oscars). Unmetric’s self-learning algorithms and human curators also surface brand-relevant trending topics distilled from tweets by brands or consumers that mention a brand. For example, an apparel brand could be alerted to a trending topic surfacing in a related industry giving users an opportunity to converse with their relevant audience.

Discover Content: Content creators can access the only brand-focused search engine of its kind and explore and search a growing database of more than 320 million pieces of published brand content based on keywords or hashtags. Users can study previous content executions by competitors and other brands and use insights from the content’s success to plan their own content. Users can also conduct “white space” analyses to discover content opportunities under-indexed by other brands and verticals. All content is organized in channels making it easy to view every piece of relevant content that brands publish in real time. The content can be sorted by social network, time, geography, and metrics (e.g. likes, comments, shares, replies, retweets).

Rediscover Collaboration: Content creators can save, share and discuss content with team members across the entire marketing department. Users can create boards (similar to a Pinterest board) based on campaigns, themes or events and then share, comment and discuss with team members. Users can invite new team members to automatically join all existing and new boards. Team members receive notifications about new comments, topics, boards and content.

“Breaking through the clutter for brands has become increasingly difficult…if not virtually impossible,” said Joseph Jaffe, best-selling author of Life after the 30-Second Spot and Unmetric strategic advisor. “Unmetric’s Discover gives creatives a competitive advantage by identifying white space opportunities for content that consumers are more likely to see and embrace.”

Discover is open to anyone, and new users can automatically create and access a trial account using a valid company email ID. Discover pricing starts at $25/month, and companies with more than 50 users have the option for getting site licenses.