#YunicornChallenge makes product launch on social media fun



 YU Televentures


Interactive Avenues

Social media has become the ideal location for product launches with brands picking on to innovation to put across their products to turn some heads towards them. Similar story was witnessed with immense speculation surrounding the launch of YU’s smartphone


The brand looked at registering the launch date of Yunicorn in the minds of fans using the super power of social media.


With two days to go for its Yunicorn launch, a series of interactive videos were created to reinforce the messaging of redefining flagship. The activity was done on YU’s Twitter and Facebook page on 29th May 2016.

The brand created an interactive video post wherein fans had to press and stop the timer in the visual exactly at the number ‘31’, the day YU Mobiles would launch their phone, Yunicorn. Fans took on to the activity and started sharing screenshots in a bid to win.

The second and third video drove home the fact that with Yunicorn, YU Mobiles is launching a disruptive device which is redefining flagships.


The activity gathered steam and within the launch of its first interactive video, #YunicornChallenge was trending in Mumbai on the top spot.

With the third video post, participation from fans kicked into high gear and #YunicornChallenge made it to the national trends.

#YunicornChallenge had 2000+ unique users participating, with an estimated 8.8 million impressions.

The campaign managed to create buzz around their launch with active visual elements that resulted in quality engagement.