Brands painting a pretty picture through Instagram

Brands on instagram

“Instagram has changed the way people see the world,” says co-founder Kevin Systrom and we’re not disagreeing, as users have affectionately embraced the elements the app has to offer; it has conveniently paved its path up in the social-verse through aesthetically alluring audiences. Instagram has now filtered, shadowed, contrasted, saturated, tilted, faded, and highlighted the way we perceive the world.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words; Instagram instigated a new language, the visually appealing language of photography. Apart from bloggers and photographers for whom the app prospered to be a holy ground, even brands put their creative caps on to play around this space and absorb most of it to reach their audience by pleasing their visual senses.

Social Samosa brings to you a list of brands that are performing well on Instagram.


Travel friendly Airbnb, is an online marketplace enabling people to hunt for unique vacation homes for a processing fee with an array of listings around 191 countries. Putting their stays on display through their Instagram, the brand has created a beautiful diary for holiday homes.


#whenpeoplematchplaces outside John and Juliano’s Airbnb home in Shoreditch, London. Photo by @angrybaker. Built in 1722, this early Georgian house on Fournier Street was once derelict and without water, electricity or gas, but John and Juliano saw its hidden charms and began to restore it. As the restoration progressed, the house’s secrets began to reveal themselves – lost wedding rings, Georgian coins, horse shoes hidden up the chimney, and even a time capsule under the stairs. Now it’s John and Juliano’s home they share on Airbnb, and this weekend they opened their doors to share it with artists, chefs, DJs, florists, poets, crafters and all of London, as it was transformed into The Airbnb London #LiveThere House. Thanks to everyone who visited and to everyone who helped showcase the amazing talents of local Londoners.

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Mercedes Benz
Luxury car brand, Mercedes Benz has become an epitome of class and sophistication, even through their Instagram handle where they show the world the gorgeous models that are their cars.



An abode for art aficionados and a bliss for our vision, the Instagram handle of GoPro shelters the most beautiful photographs taken by GoPros entirely oozing out the purpose of the app.



Calling themselves the voice of digital generation, Mashable has beautifully established their Instagram handle by putting some breathtaking photos on display. We looked at it and sighed.



Xbox has weaved their Instagram page to fulfill every gamer’s fantasy. Despite the limitations, the brand has maintained a healthy handle to woo its viewers and keep them engaged.

instagram xbox


Mix and match. #XboxDesignLab #Xbox #XboxOne #controller

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Start a new #FathersDay tradition. #HappyFathersDay

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Shah Rukh Khan being the face of it and mango the prominent ingredient of the juice, Frooti has a animated, multi-hued and mesmerizing Instagram page taking their social media presence high on the charts.


Hope your week has been out of this world so far. ? #thefrootilife #frooti

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Have you guys tried the mango bango dance? #mangobango #thefrootilife #shahrukhkhan #srk #frooti

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Weekends almost over, ready to get back to the grind this week! #thefrootilife #frooti

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Stationery has the power to beautify the world around, Staples the global stationery brand using their components revamped their Instagram handle giving us gorgeous visuals to consume.


When #SummerHappens @jansport book bags turn into beach bags.

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Running their brand on the ideology of drinks and memories, Paperboat has established itself around the idea through Instagram using powerful illustrations by standing out to be one of the finest brands to follow.

instagram paperboat



World’s favorite cookie, Oreo is winning hearts through their awestruck visuals on Instagram, setting up an example for competitive brands to rise and shine on the app, utilizing it to the utmost.



When a delicate cookie strikes an impressive chord… #OreoThins

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Open up with Oreo and take a ride with a new friend.

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New #OreoThins portable packs: As on-the-go as you are.

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Nike, the global sports brand just did it on Instagram by embellishing their handle page through sophisticated, inspirational visuals and videos.


Careers end, legends are forever. #MambaDay

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Taco Bell

Quirky, vibrant and full of Tacos, global food chain Taco Bell has a relishing, dazzling Instagram page. Keeping their viewers thoroughly engaged through visually impressive pictures, Taco Bell is giving massive fight to its competition.


We’re starting to see a pattern here.

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The tacos are calling my name.

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Back at it again with the tacos.

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Ladies don’t bond with ladies over men, they bond over make up. Global beauty brand Sephora store is not less than a heavenly abode for women and through their Instagram page the brand managed to lure their fans to get some more of it. So as they say, lets beauty together.



Responsible for revolutionizing our caffeine consumption, Starbucks has strongly placed itself on the globe somewhere building a sense of unity among borders through coffee. Like their personality offline, they’ve maintained a strong, sophisticated presence on Instagram as well.


This shirt does not work if you’re carrying a plate of potato salad. #IcedVanillaLatte #OOTD

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Absolut Vodka

Absolutely raw and bling-y, the Instagram handle of Absolut Vodka reflects a lot of pop culture and managed to decipher the nature of the app by putting it to its best use for their viewers.


Bold. Fresh. Fruity. Flavor your #AbsolutNights

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Embrace new faces, every night. #AbsolutNights

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NatGeo India

With their out of this world photographs, Nat Geo has created a magnificent photo-blog on Instagram putting up visuals from the best photographers of the world. We recommend, this is one brand which one shouldn’t miss to follow. Trust us, you won’t regret.


@FransLanting I traveled to a nearly inaccessible part of Peru’s upper Amazon Basin to chronicle the spectacle of macaws who visit certain river banks to eat clay. The gathering of hundreds of these gaudy birds is glorious, and became the centerpiece of my work. But it took weeks of effort to overcome the suspicion of this flock of wary macaws and convince them to accept my presence inside a camouflaged tower blind at the base of this flood-carved wall along the Manu River. They eat clay, scientists theorize, to neutralize toxins in their diet—or to obtain the salts missing in a sodium-poor environment. This area, protected as Manu National Park and as a World Heritage Site, covers millions of acres from the cloud forests of the Andes down to the Amazon lowlands and is regarded as one of the richest regions on earth for biodiversity. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of wildlife around the world. @natgeotravel @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #Macaw #Amazon #Peru #Parrot #WorldHeritageSite #Andes #Rainbow #Wonder

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Leveraging on the photo-sharing app, brands have managed to squeeze out the essence of Instagram by putting their best portrait on the screen and acing the visual story-telling aspect by giving a gist of their brand, product, and a little more sprinkling to represent their ideologies.