Brands want to #CatchEmAll with Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

The closest encounter between universe and social-verse, this virtual reality, larger-than-life game has been successful in taking fanatics on their feet on an extra-ordinary hunt. ‘Gotta catch em all’ seems to be the new motto of people walking around the town with their smart-phones, after their childhood show Pokémon coming to life through its app version Pokémon Go.

Confessed to be built over 20 years, this innovative game has managed to get people moving on their feet, simultaneously refreshing memories. Just like us, brands can’t seem to get enough of this and wanting to catch all of our attention on the internet, are hopping on the bandwagon. We’ve got proof.


Monster, the job hunting and career guiding website made a Pokémon Go reference through a GIF of Pikachu, thus becoming a part of the crowd.


E-commerce brand eBay demonstrated their participation in the Pokémon Go trend by putting up a photo on Instagram of Pokemon goodies placed neatly.

Be the very best, like no one ever was. Gotta catch them at eBay. #PokemonGo

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One Plus

Smart-phone brand One Plus, through their Facebook handle conducted a contest revolving around Pokémon Go where participants had to like the post; tag a friend in the comments section and the winner stood a chance to win a OnePlus Backpack plus power bank.


Amazon, another e-commerce brand through their Twitter handle pointed out the battery dying issue because of continuously playing Pokémon Go, thus smartly marketing their power bank.


Global fast food chain lured its fans through Facebook by posting a picture of a Pokemon outside their store. If that was not enough, they put in a pun along with it (Pokémon) Go Bucket, as they are the perfect travel companions for hungry trainers. Smart product marketing, we say.

Greenpeace International

Global environmental organization also leverage on the trend by comparing Pokemon Butterfree with the actual endangered butterfly.


Gadget brand Lenovo shared a light-hearted tweet relating to the current Pokémon Go craze thus smoothly making itself a part of the trend.

M&M’s Brand

Sweet tooth or not, M&M’s are something you can’t refuse. The brand, showing off its goofy side put out a tweet making a connection between them and people trying to catch colorful Pokémons.


Creating campaigns and creatives around trends? Amul is the quickest brand we could think of and to our not-so-surprise it came up with an illustration with the utterly butterly delicious girl to talk about it.


Through their trending campaign the brand told us there’s something Pokemon Go can’t do but Quikr can. Get delivered on your doorstep.


Taking the wordplay game to next level, Zomato won the Twitter game by cutely posting a GIF about everyone’s favorite Pokémon, of course Pikachu.

Red Chillies Entertainment

Headed by the King of Bollywood and his Queen, Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment also hopped on to the Pokemon Go mania by flavoring it with some Bollywood essence. The brand played a guessing game with their fans, where they already caught Shanti (Deepika from Om Shanti Om) and Veer (Varun Dhawan from Dilwale) but one more Pokemon from Bollywood was yet to be caught. No points for guessing, it was King Khan himself.

We've already caught Shanti and Veer! Can you guess who's left? #GottaCatchEmAll #PokemonGo

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These were some of the many brands trying to chase little Pokemons. Did any creative catch your attention? Let us know by writing to us at [email protected]


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